28 Feb

5 Ways to calculate event ROI

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for events remains a challenge for many event profs. We will show you which indicators to use - and explain how your marketing objectives influence your events (and vice versa), this way you can justify your event investments in the future. Marketing goals ...

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24 Jan

The 11 most urgent questions on the GDPR & events

On Wednesday, January 17, a group of 22 event professionals gathered at our brand new office for the 1st Insight Session of 2018! The new privacy law GDPR was the central theme of this 1st session.* Although it’s only a matter of months before this new regulation will be in force, many event ...

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09 Jan

What event planners have to say: use an event survey!

In our previous blog we indicated that 'evaluating an event' is often an underestimated part of event communication. A pity! This blog shows how event planners Dirk Prijs (Association for Event Managers), Liezeth Blom (Sligro Food Group) and Marlies Rienks (Amsterdam Marketing) use the online ...

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03 Nov

How live events support your marketing strategy

During the first 6 months of 2017, 60% of the Dutch organisations' marketing budgets were allocated to Facebook and Google. Marketing budgets have shifted significantly over recent decades: from traditional marketing channels like print, to online- and event marketing. The latter two, although they ...

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31 Oct

How to make a solid data processing agreement?

When you organise events, there’s a big chance that you’re working with suppliers who process data on your behalf. For example: registration partners or software and Email Service Providers (ESPs) like MailChimp. According to the new EU privacy law*, signing a data processing agreement with any ...

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25 Oct

5 Ways to prevent a data breach

A data breach... That sounds like some remote matter. Still, it happens more often than you think! For example, when you lose your USB stick on the train, forget your laptop at a venue, or send an email with personal data to the wrong person. All these situations are examples of a possible data ...

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16 Oct

Start preparing for the new EU data privacy law (GDPR)

As of 25 May 2018, all organisations in the EU must observe new privacy laws: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in force. This new legislation influences your work as an event professional, as event registration involves a lot of data processing. If you do not follow the new ...

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11 Oct

How to use B2B tools: A handy overview!

Most organisations are in the middle of a digital transformation. Many processes are digitized, using a wide range of applications and B2B tools (business to business). Abbreviations are everywhere: CMS, CRM, MAP, EMS, ESP, SaaS… But what do they mean? And which tools do you as an event or ...

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20 Sep

How to solve the biggest problems with Onsite Registration

Finally, your event is there! You have been planning this day for months -  and you want everything to be perfect. The first big element of the day is the onsite registration: checking in your attendees when they arrive. But be aware: long waiting lines are the worst 1st impression you can make on ...

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06 Sep
Involve the right stakeholders.png

Selecting event software: involve the right stakeholders!

In our previous blog: How to select your event registration software? We gave you tips for selecting the right event software partner for your B2B events. In this blog we will explain what else to take into account, before you make your final decision. You as an event manager have made your ...

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23 Aug

How to select your event registration software?

Registration is an important element when organising events. There are many suppliers that automate (parts of) the registration process. However, you as an organiser want to remain in control, while keeping the overview & insight. How to select the best partner for your organisation? Control: ...

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16 Aug

Features: Create your own event app

Many event managers want to offer an event app to their attendees. But beware: they are expensive! You need technical knowledge to build them - and installing them requires extra effort from your visitors. In case you don’t have extraordinary features on your wish list, your best option is to use ...

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08 Aug
Skip-logic-event-survey tool.png

Features: Create an event survey with Skip Logic!

In our previous blog we explained how to evaluate your event. In this blog, we dive deeper in how to keep your survey relevant, short & sweet. Make sure your respondents only get the questions are actually applicable to them. This will result in higher response rates - so you as an organiser have ...

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01 Aug

Events: What the SaaS?

When you use the term SaaS (Software as a Service) in the event industry, you often see question marks appear in the eyes of the event manager. When it comes to events, SaaS is a relatively unknown term in the event industry, even though it is an increasingly common business model for software ...

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26 Jul

How to protect personal data?

When you organise events and ask your visitors to register, you are officially processing personal data. From that moment, you have legal responsibilities regarding digital security and privacy. What should you as an event organiser keep in mind? And how do you help the IT department monitor this ...

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19 Jul

4 Event management tools everyone should be using

Do you wish you could do more in less time? We are always looking for new event management tools, and love to share our latest discoveries with you. Event management tool 1 - Bynder: Brand management software

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12 Jul

How SBS manages their event ‘program’

SBS (one of the biggest broadcasting station in the Netherlands) organises 20 events per year on average. This number contains both internal and external events - from yearly presentations to informal drinks, from networking events to press conferences. We spoke to Annoeska Philips, (communication ...

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04 Jul

Features: Use an event survey to evaluate your event!

Event evaluation is a highly underestimated part of event communication. A pity! It can be such a great source of information. By evaluating your event with an online survey, you can measure your event goals and improve future editions. You think you already know what your visitors think of your ...

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27 Jun

You organise more events than you think!

How many events do you organise on a yearly basis? According to a research by High Profile Locations*, Dutch companies organise 27 per year on average! Chances are that the number of events in your organisation is higher than you expect - events do not per definition involve hundreds of guests. ...

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19 Jun

How to: Set-up smooth breakout sessions

Although breakout sessions and sub-sessions are an important element in organising B2B events, they can also make visitor registration a lot more complex. In many cases, seats are limited - and you want to fill all time slots evenly. This can be tricky if you don’t work with flexible registration ...

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15 Jun

5 Event tips: get the most out of your events

As an event manager, you know exactly how to organise events. You’ve got your event website, mailing and registrations all neatly in place. But how can you upgrade your event even more? The following 5 event tips will help you achieve even better results. 1.Stay top of mind In most cases, the ...

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07 Jun

How to: Use your guest list as a networking app

For your visitors, the success of an event depends on two aspects: did they learn something from the program and did they meet interesting people? Networking is one of the top-3 goals for B2B events. This topic deserves attention - it does not always happen by itself. You, the event organiser, ...

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31 May

Linda Kerkhoven: Event communication is the key to success

Location tours are pretty common. And yet, Linda's Location Tour is really standing out: every edition is fully booked within 2 weeks, with 0% no-show! That’s quite an achievement. What makes Linda op Locatie so successful? In this blog, she shares her insights on event communication. Why a ...

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23 May

How to survive June, the busiest event month of the year

According to Locatieonderzoek 2016 | 2017, Dutch event managers all together organise 19.000 (!) events per year. That’s an average of 27 events per client. In June the average amount of events organised is 5 - this comes down to 15% of the yearly total. In one month! This makes June the busiest ...

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16 May
Reasons not to build your own event software.png

6 Reasons NOT to build your own event software

There comes a moment that you as an event manager decide you want to work more efficiently, and find yourself looking for an appropriate event tool. When searching for solutions, your IT colleagues may offer developing software themselves. That saves you a lot of money, right? Actually, that’s not ...

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02 May

5 Event management tools you can’t miss

According to Forbes, the event manager is in the top 5 most stressful jobs of 2017. As an event manager, you have to manage many tasks at the same time. Momice would love to help by sharing these 5 useful tools to streamline your daily activities. 1. Slack: Internal communication Skip email, ...

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22 Mar

3 Event tips from Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitching)

Nathalie Mangelaars is the founder of "The Pitch Queen" and organises the Nationals pitching for entrepreneurs with her team. On March 27, the 2nd issue takes place - and for the 1st time Momice event software is used by the organisation.  Meanwhile, Nathalie became a proficient event organiser and ...

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08 Mar

How to organise small events? Tips from an event manager

Of course you can use Momice for your large external event of the year, but as an organiser, you can create an event website for each small facility. It saves you time and effort, precisely because small events sometimes are just as time consuming as big events. Are you organising a congress? This ...

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28 Feb

The figures are clear: Events are Serious Business

High Profile Locaties is held as an annual survey among clients in the event industry, 833 event managers said what they think is important when organising an event. Last December the magazine published the findings of the survey. As a partner of clients and event managers we find it’s important to ...

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25 Jun

How to stay in control of your event registration

In our previous blog we illustrated that a good framework will help you set-up a flawless event registration. After testing and tweaking, you are ready to start your communication flow with an invitation or save the date. In the first three days after your invitation, the numbers will tell you ...

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15 Jun

How to set up an online event registration flow

Although online event registration is only a part of the total event communication flow, it is one of the most discussed topics. It often ends up being a time-consuming process, with multiple Excel lists that are complicated to maintain. B2B event managers know that in many cases, the online event ...

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02 May

How to analyse your survey data

A solid survey can help you measure your event objectives. In the previous blog we explained how to create such a survey in 5 steps. The results of your survey will tell the story of your attendees, a good analysis will help you understand their experience and measure your goals. We focus on the ...

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21 Apr

How to create an online survey in 5 steps

These days, events are an important tool to achieve the marketing goals of an organisation. But how do you measure these goals? An online survey is the ultimate tool to evaluate your event. Did the message come across? How willing are the attendees to promote the event/brand to their network? The ...

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25 Feb

How to make your event website design come alive

Creating a website for events is often an underestimated job. When you visit a website that looks clear and simple, you can assume that the makers went through a lot of brainstorms, tests and adjustments to achieve the final result. Let’s compare a website to a hotel lobby. When you enter a hotel, ...

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17 Feb

6 Reasons why event websites rock

When you organise an event, you plan it perfectly. And then, a lot of things change: the agenda, speakers or even the venue! As an organiser you want to keep your attendees informed and make sure they show up on time and at the right place. For communicating with your attendees, you probably use ...

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17 Dec

4 Indicators to determine the result of your event email

This is the final blog of the Insight Session Series: Create the perfect communication flow for your event. In our previous blog we showed the importance of email settings. The following and final blog is how to avoid spam, and increase the deliverability of your event email campaigns. 1. ...

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10 Dec

How mail settings improve the click through rate (CTR)

This is the 3rd blog of the Insight Session Series: Create the perfect communication flow for your event. In our previous blog we focussed on the layout of the mail campaign. This edition elaborates on how your mail settings can improve your open rate and click through rate (CTR). The devil is in ...

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26 Nov

In 3 steps an easy to read event email

This is the second blog post of the Insight Session Series: Create the perfect communication flow for your event. In our previous blog we focussed on the content of an email campaign. The following blog is about the importance of layout for a successful event email campaign. Design improves the ...

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18 Nov

Send an excellent event email in 5 steps

Sending a save the date email is the very first touchpoint when communicating with your attendees. When not well thought through or set up correctly you may risk losing your target audience’s attention and maybe even their attendance at your event. In the following blog post we provide tools to set ...

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03 Nov

The power of an event survey

Momice believes in a one-solution platform for all your event communication. The organiser can now invite and register their attendees with their own customised event website. But also ask for feedback through the event survey. Four powerful modules, managed through one user-friendly platform. Our ...

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27 Apr

Amsterdam Marketing: A time-saving tool

We love to tell the stories of Momice users. Why do they use Momice, how do they use it and what are their struggles / benefits? Here is the first case: Sonja Straathof, event manager at Amsterdam marketing. Sonja saves up to 75% of her time using Momice. Here is how… Outlook & Excel frustrations ...

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