Matchmaking: the smartest way to successful events

Networking is an important part of events. But how do you facilitate it as an event manager? The answer: play Cupid!

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Events: from good speakers to great conversations

Protocol expert Jean Paul Wijers gives his opinion on the role of event managers in creating authentic relationships and shares some tips.

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Momice Updates: November '19

The end of 2019 is in sight, and we have some updates ready for you. Read all about it in this Momice Updates blog!

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Eight tips to increase the attendance rate of open days

How do you get the attention of potential pupils and students? In this blog, Momice shares 8 tips to increase the attendance rate during open days!

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Ronald Vermeulen: ‘Momice helps us shape our digital transformation’

Ronald Vermeulen, manager at Wissenraet Van Spaendonck, explains why Momice is one of the tools that helps shaping their digital transformation.

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Connecting the Dots 3: The recipe for a solid strategy

We look back on Connecting the Dots 3! Discover the recipe for a solid event strategy to create more structure and support within your organisation.

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Topsport Amsterdam: Relations and events help us expand our network

In this Momice interview, the commercial manager Frank van Rooijen explains how Topsport Amsterdam uses events and its relations to expand their network.

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ABN AMRO: “Agency helps us taking our event to the next level”

The CISO events are a proven way to communicate ABN AMRO’s focus on (cyber) security. Olaf Streutker explains how Momice Agency helped them.

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Frisse Blikken: Events are a proven way to establish behavioural change

Events are a perfect way to establish behavioural change. In this Momice interview, Tijs Berens from Frisse Blikken explains how they do this.

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We Are Live: Livestream enhances events

Livestreams a threat to events? Not at all, according to Thomas Mulder, CEO of We Are Live. In this interview, he shares his expertise and tips.

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NOM: Working with Momice Agency gave me room for substantive event organisation

Every year, the NOM organises the Midsummer Festival. In this case, we show how Momice Agency helped with the event communication of this big event.

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Momice Updates: Summer release '19

The Momice developers have been working very hard this summer to launch some new features. Read all about it in this Momice Updates blog!

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Event Department: Events are an essential part of the marketing mix

For Event Department, events have become an essential part of the marketing mix. In this interview, Maxime Coesèl explains the added value of events.

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How to make your eventstrategy successful

Working together with other departments within your organisation ensures a successful event strategy. This is a chance to create a strong base together.

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The 8 steps for an overall eventstrategy

What does a proper event strategy include? And how do you make sure all stakeholders embrace it? Momice shows you the 8 steps for an overall strategy.

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The self-fulfilling prophecy of events

Events with a strategy are a powerful marketing channel. In this blog, Momice explains the importance of an overall event strategy and how to create it.

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Unique Finance: Seminars contribute to our strategic goals

Claudia Westerhof explains how seminars contribute to Unique Finance's strategic goals and growth. As a bonus she shares 4 tips for event professionals.

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Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: Successful organisations maintain their relationships

In this Momice interview, Iris de Jager of Gemeentemuseum Den Haag talks about how events sustain and expand the museum's network.

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Events contribute to our strategic goals

In this Momice interview, you read how events help realising the strategic goals of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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Events deserve attention on a strategic level

Events are an essential part of the marketing strategy of organisations. Sabine Dijkema explains how D&B profiles itself as a strategic director.

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Digitalisation optimises the start of the customer journey

Events are serious business. In this Momice interview, Mark Hermanns explains what role events play in the marketing mix of Hotelschool The Hague.

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YoungCapital Festival connects employees to core objectives

Involving employees and celebrate success together. In this Momice interview, Marko van Tol explains how he organises the YoungCapital Festival.

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Both event and communication professionals need events like Connecting the Dots

The second edition of Connecting the Dots took place on May 14. Both event and communication professionals need events like Connecting the Dots.

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Connecting the Dots 2: the 5 most important lessons

The second edition of Connecting the Dots took place on May 14. Missed the event? Read the insights that have been shared at Connecting the Dots 2 here!

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Increase the impact of your events in these 3 steps

The impact of your event will increase when it fits the needs of your target audience. In this blog, Momice describes how this can be achieved in 3 steps.

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With these 7 tips from our designers you will create an appealing event website and invitation

How do you ensure your event website and invitation are both appealing and functional? Momice designers Michel and Victorine share their tips & tricks!

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Why events are not (and cannot be) valued – and how to change this

Events are valuable. And only rarely do we pay attention to what they yield. With proper objectives, this could be changed.

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Connecting the Dots: the 4 most important take-aways

The first edition of Connecting the Dots took place on March 21. Missed the event? Read the insights that have been shared at Connecting the Dots here!

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Connecting the Dots: real added value for event professionals

The first edition of Connecting the Dots took place on March 21 and attracted over 50 enthusiastic attendees. Momice interviewed three of the attendees.

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Make your events accessible with these 6 tips

The accessibility of events is very important. Marianne Dijkshoorn shares six tips with Momice on how to improve the accessibility of events.

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How The Next Web uses data to prevent long queues

Annick van Dijk tells Momice how The Next Web makes clever use of data to attract more visitors and to prevent queues during the event.

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Momice founder Rutger Bremer explains how to use events for co-creation (and vice versa)

Momice CEO Rutger Bremer knows like no other how to use events. Co-creation prevents disappointments and teaches organisations to respond to the market.

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'Smart software contributes to the quality of events'

Krista van den Brink tells Momice how smart software helped USG People with the kick-off of the USG People Get Together Event at AFAS live.

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Event pro, you determine the success of an event

Event professionals give their all to create a great event. How do they set the success of an event?

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The top 10 frustrations of event managers (and how to avoid them)

When organising an event, there's a lot to deal with. Because of that, event professionals are Renaissance men. Yet, they often run into similar obstacles. Why is that? And what can be done about it?

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'An unclear invitation is a mortal sin'

Merlin Melles is called the networking queen of the Netherlands. She founded Founders Carbon Network (fCN): a networking organisation with 500 members. fCN organises events that attract more people than are invited. She shares her experiences with event organisers.

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'Organise events with a twist'

Not once, Hans van der Beek waited in line for an event. As journalist for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, he writes about networking events, openings and other events. Van der Beek talks about his years of experience as a visitor with event managers and shares his unvarnished opinion.

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GvE Director Dirk Prijs about the future of events

Dirk Prijs is CEO of the Genootschap voor Eventmanagers (Dutch Association for Event Managers). The association represents 235 event managers and 165 companies. In this interview with Momice, he explains developments the event managers should prepare for.

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This is how Van Wijnen Noord got more time for event strategy

In addition to their externel events, Dutch construction company Van Wijnen organises a number of internal events. Maaike Rodenhuis is involved as a marketing and communications professional. She explains how Momice helps her professionalise her events.

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‘Higher attendance rate thanks to Momice’

Recently, the book Digital Capital by Denis Doeland got published. To promote the book, Doeland organised a book launch in the A’dam Tower. In this interview he explains how Momice was involved in the event registration and how the event registration software helped him increase the attendance rate.

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Increase the attendance rate of your event

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives. An enormous database of knowledge and information is only a few clicks away. It is precisely in this digital era that real-life meetings – such as a seminar, conference or networking event – extra important and valuable. But how do you actually increase the turnout of your event?

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Events: A year in review

The end of the year is approaching quickly. For many organisations, December the time for looking back and looking ahead, on end-of-year festivities and network events. How do you look back on your event year? Are you celebrating your successes? How do you know whether your events were successful?

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‘Momice software prevents long waiting lines for Dalai Lama event’

You don’t need agencies anymore, as you can take charge of registration and other event processes online. Momice software is easy, efficient and innovative”, Wijers says.

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IDEA: Develop your knowledge of data and MarComms

Read the interview with Maarten Schram, MD of IDEA, about the impact of events in this digital era.

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Personalisation = the future (also for events!)

Company’s fight over the attention of potential customers. We all know that screaming louder is not the way to go. But how to reach them? What you need is relevant content, things that matter to your audience: personalisation.

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Creating a networking experience with name badges

Name badges do not guarantee networking among the attendees of your event. If you do use name badges at your event, consider using them as a linking element. I will point out some creative ways to connect your attendees and break the ice.

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Why name badges do not guarantee networking at your event

Many people perceive name badges as ‘necessary evil’. Event expert Rutger Bremer honestly wonders whether wearing name badges facilitates networking at events!

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5 Tips for effective CTA's in your event email invitation

Find out how to use a call-to-action (CTA) in your event email invitation and thus increase the registration for your event. Find out where you place buttons, in which color and determine the right copy.

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Event check-in app: 10 tips for quick attendee registration

It is important to know who attended your events: checking in attendees gives you valuable insights. These 10 tips help you prevent long queues and result in a smooth event check-in process.

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This is why organising client events is a good idea

If your company organises no events, or just sporadically, you might wonder: why is this necessary? This time of digitalisation asks for offline, face to face events, as a counterpart for the many online marketing activities. In this blog, we give 5 reasons for using events as a marketing tool.

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4 Types of B2B events & their characteristics

This blog gives a concise overview of the most common types of Business to Business events (B2B). Per type: conference, congress, symposia, product launch, employee meeting, we list the most important characteristics and how to respond to them.

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5 Benefits of using event ticketing software

If ticketing software is integrated in your event management software, this can creates synergy - so you can get the most out of your events. We’ll discuss 5 benefits.


Selling out your event? This is how it's done!

Every event professional aspires a sold-out event. Nonetheless, it is not always achieved. The content of your event is important - but other factors are important too. Here’s how a sharp ticket strategy can influence your event ticket sales.

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Paid events result in higher ROI

Obtain a higher ROI on your events, by asking a (small) fee for your event tickets. Lower de no-show of your event, improve the quality of your program and attract the right audience. On the long run, your events have more effect when they are visited by the right attendees.

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Getting started with the #Eventcanvas in 3 steps

Marga Groot Zwaaftink is founder of Commgres and has been active in the event industry for over 20 years. She loves to share her knowledge with others and teaches the #EventCanvas method. Read here how event software is supporting her in this methodology.

Event marketing

5 Ways to calculate your event ROI

Calculating ROI for events remains a challenge for many event profs. We will show you which indicators to use - and explain how your marketing objectives influence your events (and vice versa), this way you can justify your event investments in the future.

Event marketing

The 11 most urgent questions on the GDPR & events

The new privacy legislation GDPR, which will go into effect on May 25, 2018, has a significant impact on event professionals. Find out how it will effect you.


What event planners have to say: use an event survey!

Evaluating an event is often an underestimated part of event communication. Read here how three event planners use the online survey for their events.

Event evaluation

How live events support your marketing strategy

Online marketing and event marketing seem to be opposites. But they happen to combine very well: live events are an important part of your marketing strategy. Learn here how to integrate this all together.

Event marketing

How to make a solid data processing agreement?

From May 2018, signing a data processing agreement with your suppliers is mandatory. Check out the outlines of an agreement that helps you to get started!


5 Ways to prevent a data breach

A data breach happens more often than you think. In this blog, we’ll explain what a data breach is, what to do when it happens and how you could prevent it. Quite handy with the new EU privacy law GDPR! Companies will be held responsible when the data is not processed and stored carefully.


Start preparing for the new EU data privacy law (GDPR)

As from 25 May 2018, all organisations in the EU must observe new privacy laws: the GDPR will be in force. How will it affect you as an event professional? Find here the most relevant changes for your company and become GDPR compliance in time.


How to use B2B tools: A handy overview!

Abbreviations are everywhere: CMS, CRM, MAP, EMS, ESP, SaaS. But what do they mean? We made a handy overview of B2B tools you can use. And which integration should be added to your wish list!

Event tools

Selecting event software: involve the right stakeholders!

In this blog, we explain what else to take into account, before you make your final decision which event management software your organisation is planning to use for their B2B events. Don't forget to take the new privacy law GDPR into account.

GDPR Event registration

How to select your event registration software?

Registration is an important element when organising events. There are many suppliers that automate (parts of) the event registration process. As an organiser you want to remain in control, while keeping the overview & insight. How to select the best registration software for your organisation?

Event registration

How to change your event website into a web app

Create your own event app with Momice. Here’s how to transform your event website into a web app for your visitor in 5 steps!

Website design Event tools

Features: Create an event survey with Skip Logic!

Skip Logic makes it possible for respondents to automatically skip questions that aren’t relevant to them in event surveys. This will result in more respondents answering all questions and finishing the questionnaire. Read here what else is in it for you and your attendee.

Event evaluation

Events: What the SaaS?

When using the term SaaS in the event industry, you see event managers questioning. Find everything you need to know about Software as a Service here.

Event tools

How to protect personal data?

As event manager you continuously collect and process personal data. What should you keep in mind? Here’s a list of tips to help you protect personal data.


4 Event management tools everyone should be using

Here are the 4 most useful event management tools any event planner should be using. Find here our latest discoveries!

Event tools

How SBS manages their event ‘program’

We spoke to Annoeska Philips (communication department of SBS). She created her first Momice event website in 2015. Find out what she learned!

Website design case

Features: Use an event survey to evaluate your event!

By evaluating your event with an online survey, you can measure your event goals and improve future editions. Read here how to make great event surveys!

Event evaluation

You organise more events than you think!

Organising events? On average you organise 27 per year. Chances are that the number of meetings in your organisation is also a lot higher than you expect.

Event tools

How to: Set-up smooth breakout sessions

Organising breakout and sub-sessions are an important element in organising B2B events. How to make sure it isn’t making visitor registration more complex.

Event registration

How to: Use your guest list as a networking app

The guest list app in Momice is a handy feature that can help you achieve better networking at your event. Find here 7 steps how the networking app works.

Event registration

Linda Kerkhoven: Event communication is the key to success

Linda's Location Tour is standing out: every edition is fully booked with 0% no-show! What makes it so successful? Learn everything about event communication.

Event registration case

How to survive June, the busiest event month of the year

Of the annual 27 events, 15% is organised in June. Make sure that you as an event manager are well prepared with these event tips and productivity tools.

Event tools

5 Event management tools you can’t miss

How to improve meeting deadlines as an event manager? We love to help you by sharing these 5 event management tools to streamline your daily activities.

Event tools

3 Event tips from Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitching)

Meanwhile, Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitchen) became a proficient event organiser and therefore wants to share her 3 event tips for bringing your event to the next level.


The figures are clear: Events are Serious Business

Get in-depth information about the event industry 2016 - 2017. 833 event managers said what they think is important when organising an event. Find out here the results of the questionnaire conducted by High Profile Locaties.

Event tools

How to stay in control of your event registration

Set up a successful email campaign with an email invitation, event reminder and save-the-date. Get more attendees with a successful event registration process and by using event software.

Event registration Email invitations

How to set up an online event registration flow

Although online event registration is only a part of event communication, it is one of the most discussed topics. It often ends up being time-consuming.

Event registration

5 Event tips: get the most out of your events

As an event manager, you know exactly how to organise events. But how can you upgrade your event even more? Check the following 5 event tips.

Event evaluation

How to analyse your event survey data

The response to your event survey can be a real treasure, however, interpreting and analysing the information is key. Prepare your survey data well before analysing. Calculate the NPS score for your event and find out which attendees are your biggest promoters or critics.

Event evaluation

How to create an online survey in 5 steps

Setting up a good online survey requires preparation and time. These 5 steps will help you create a solid survey by choosing event survey questions carefully.

Event evaluation

6 Reasons NOT to build your own event software

Searching for event software? Your IT colleagues may offer developing software themselves. Saves you a lot of money, right? Actually, that’s not the case, developing your own software can be very time-consuming. Read here 6 reasons why building your own software is not a good idea.

GDPR Website design Event registration

How to create an engaging event website

Creating an engaging event website is often an underestimated job, it requires a unique design and powerful content. This blog explains how design and content contribute to the success of your website.

Website design

6 Reasons why event websites rock

When you organise an event, you plan it perfectly. And then, a lot of things change! With an event website you keep your attendees well-informed.

Website design

How to organise small events? Tips from an event manager

How to save time and effort when organising a large conference and small events? When using the right tools event registration doesn't have to be time-consuming.

Event registration case

4 Indicators to determine the result of your event email

Sending a good event mailing results in more registrations and less no-shows for your event. Do you know how to determine the success of your event email? We'll explain on which 4 aspects to focus on for sending effective email invitations.

Email invitations Analytics

How mail settings improve the click through rate (CTR)

How to improve the open and click through rate (CTR) with your mail settings? Make sure visitors of your event don't miss any email with the following 5 steps.

Email invitations

In 3 steps an easy to read event email

How to create the perfect communication flow for your event. The following blog is about the importance of layout for a successful event email campaign.

Email invitations

Send an excellent event email in 5 steps

Sending a save the date email is the very first touchpoint when communicating with your attendees. Set up the perfect event email invitation for a higher attendance at your events.

Email invitations

Amsterdam Marketing: A time-saving tool

Amsterdam Marketing organises 3 networking events a year for their partners. They are able to manage more events every year by using a time-saving tool.

Event tools case