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Rutger Bremer5/23/17 12:00 AM2 min read

How to survive June, the busiest event month of the year

According to Locatieonderzoek 2016 | 2017, Dutch event managers all together organise 19.000 (!) events per year. That’s an average of 27 events per client. In June the average amount of events organised is 5 - this comes down to 15% of the yearly total. In one month! This makes June the busiest event month of the year. Are you ready? Here are 5 event tips that help you prepare.

1. Use productivity tools

Make use of handy productivity tools to better organise your daily activities. Slack, Trello, Hootsuite, Toggl & Canva are good examples. Remember to start implementing them in time: it takes a while for everyone to feel comfortable in the new situation. Introduce the new tools during the off-peaks: January - February and July - August are probably less hectic.

2. Deal with the small stuff right away

Organise (and plan!) all of your tasks - big and small. Also include the smallest (seemingly less important) actions in your planning. Don’t postpone - try to deal with the small things directly. The golden rule: everything that can be fixed within 2 minutes, shall be done immediately. So don’t clean up your email ‘later’, but drag it to the right folder directly after reading. And add that missing link the moment that you discover its absence. This makes you able to keep the overview and creates a calmer mind.

3. Plan your logistics

Logistical issues have to be planned in time. For example: determine the most efficient way to check in your visitors on the event as early as possible. Do you want to hand out name badges? And do you include an external partner for on-site registration, or rather do it yourself? Ask yourself these questions in the slow period, and prepare the first steps, so you can act quickly during the peak. Want to read more about how to set up at flawless registration flow? Find out here.

4. Take rest

Event production can be stressful - so much to do in so little time! Still, this does not mean you have to work 12-hour days. Make sure you get enough rest, so you can be productive and sharp the next day. Ask yourself what’s the real advantage of taking care of ‘this one last thing’ today. Tips: say ‘No’ every once in a while and allow yourself to ask for help.

5. Automate

Manual actions are very time-consuming. In organising events, there’s much to gain in this area. Why manually sending out emails and keeping track of registrations, when you can automate it easily? Avoid the use of multiple systems if possible - (manually) transferring data from one system to another is prone to errors and takes a lot of time. Try to find (event) software that combines all your needs. Find here a handy overview of B2B tools you can use.


After reading these 5 handy event tips, you as an event manager know exactly how to prepare for the busiest month of the year. By using the right productivity tools and making the right planning, you can move mountains, while keeping the overview. June will be exceptional!

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