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Rutger Bremer6/25/16 12:00 AM2 min read

How to stay in control of your event registration

In our previous blog we illustrated that a good framework will help you set-up a flawless event registration. After testing and tweaking, you are ready to start your communication flow with an invitation or save the date. In the first three days after your email invitation, the numbers will tell you exactly how you did. The following actions will help you to make your event more successful.

It starts with an up-to-date database

The results of your mailing campaign depends on the quality of your database. Make sure you prepare your database as follows:

  • Make separate lists for different target audiences
  • Add an extra column for the salutation. (Mr. John Doe, Mrs. Doe, etc)
  • If your CRM uses ID references include them in your lists, so you can match them with your CRM after the event registration


An excellent event email invitation starts with an up-to-date database

Event reminders are OK!

Sometimes, the response rate to your event invitation is not as high as you hoped. There are many possible reasons for this. Maybe the subject wasn’t catchy enough, the timing was not perfect or your respondents missed it because of email overload. No worries; just send an event reminder after 1 or 2 weeks. Save yourself a lot of time and use appropriate event software, that allows you to do this with a few simple clicks.

TIP: make sure you enable the invitee to cancel the event! This will save the effort of sending event reminders to those who can’t come.

Don’t be forgotten: stay top-of-mind

An event communication flow normally takes about three to six months. Your want to stay top-of-mind with your attendees during this period. Notifying them about updates and news around the event increases the chance that the ones that registered will actually attend. The website analytics will tell you exactly how these notifications lead to more event website visits. 

Read more about event reminders in our whitepaper.

Judgement day: Who will attend?

You have the last chance to tempt your invitees to attend the event; send a text (SMS) message (or email) that you are expecting them. Add the link to the event website to the message so they have all detailed information at hand.

We advise you to check in your attendees at the event. It enables you to see exactly who is present in the venue, and who is still expected. An up-to-date list helps you to follow up your attendees with a THANK YOU mail and quick link for feedback. It’s good to know how they experienced the event and measure your event objectives, right? 

Read more about surveys in our whitepaper


Event software can automate the event registration process - and make your life much easier. But that does not mean you can lean back and wait until the seats are filled! It’s an important part of your communication flow that requires constant attention. You have to excite your target group to register - and stay top-of-mind to make sure they will actually attend the event. By keeping a close eye on your target audience and responding appropriately, you can enhance the success of your event!

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Download the event registratie white paper