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Marlou Kramer7/19/17 10:07 AM2 min read

4 Event management tools everyone should be using

Do you wish you could do more in less time? We are always looking for new event management tools, and love to share our latest discoveries with you.

Event management tool 1 - Bynder:

Brand management software

For you as a communication specialist, it can be quite challenging when your colleagues don’t follow your brand guidelines. You want brand consistency, also in the events you organise. Many organisations have style guides, saved as PDF’s. But these guidelines quickly get outdated.

Bynder is an event management tool that helps you to easily edit your style guide and share it with colleagues or external agencies. By keeping your style guide up-to-date, you make it easier to create consistent communication with your visitors.

Event management tool 2 - Bambook:

Digitalise your notes

Bambook is a Dutch startup that claims to make the world a bit greener with their sustainable notebooks. Do you have multiple notebooks lying around? With Bambook you only need one!

You can use it to create checklists and write down all your ideas or sketches. If you download the Bambook app, you can digitalize and archive all your notes - and share them with your team. Afterwards, you can simply erase them and use the pages again. It is also possible to order branded Bambooks: they make great presents!

Event management tool - Grammarly:

Grammar checker

Grammarly is a free, online Chrome-plugin that automatically checks the English spelling and grammar in each program you’re using. You’ll receive weekly reports that show your progress in writing skills, so you’re not only preventing yourself from making mistakes, but also improving your language skills! This event management tool is free and easy to install.

Event management tool 4 - 1Password:

Password manager

We all know the feeling: so many passwords, you start to feel dizzy! It is important to keep your passwords in a safe place. That’s possible, if you use 1Password. This event management tool can also help you to generate new complex passwords. If you install the app on your laptop and phone, you will always have all your password at hand.


The trick is to work smarter, not harder! Use these event management tools to become an innovator in your team and impress your colleagues at the next event!

Which tools do you use? We love it when you share this with us! More tools? Click here.


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