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Marlou Kramer1/17/16 12:00 AM1 min read

How to organise small events? Tips from an event manager

Of course you can use Momice for your large external event of the year, but as an organiser, you can create an event website for each small facility. It saves you time and effort, precisely because small events sometimes are just as time consuming as big events.

Are you organising a conference? This means the registration of your attendees needs to be even more professionally organised. The registration process doesn't have to be a time-consuming process when you are using the right software at your disposal. It is also quite convenient to let your attendees subscribe to your workshops and to see which inspiring speakers will be attending.

Not only for organising a conference is Momice useful, but it is also useful when you would like to spoil your emergency response employees. Maasstad Hospital organized an event February 21st to do something extra for their community emergency response teams.


Marjolein van Asperen, employee events at Maasstad Hospital shares her experiences. They are using Momice since July 2016. Before, events were coordinated by using Outlook and Excel. And with a pool of 4,000 employees, this can be a daunting task.

Change within the organisation

With the start of Marjolein within the hospital they quickly chose for a more efficient way of organising events. Each month Maasstad organizes at least two events, this saves a lot of time and stress!

Next year

What's the big advantage of Momice? "You can see at a glance who has already registered and who can use another reminder." And what is the next goal for Maasstad Hospital? “Many employees are also organising small events in their spare time, we also want to use Momice for these smaller events. In other words, create more awareness about the event software within the organisation. Soon we will organise a large conference with Momice, a completely different event to organise!"

More inspiration

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