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Events in the education sector: a lot of hassle?

Do you recognize the following challenges when organizing educational events?

  • Inconsistent communication (mailings, website)
  • Lack of overview, for example due to multiple locations
  • Many different events (internal & external)
  • Different systems
  • No insight in registrations and attendees

The educational sector organizes more events than you might think:

  • Open day (also online!)
  • Graduation ceremony (with guests)
  • Alumni event
  • Introduction week
  • Staff meeting
  • Symposium
  • Project presentation

One solution for all the hassle

One system for all communication & registration

Free yourself from different systems! Event software is specially designed to bundle and align processes involved in event communication. No more manual importing, exporting and adjustments. 

The registration overview is linked to the email module, so you can select all registered attendees at once for an update. Or send a quick reminder to the non-respondents. If you've checked in the attendees, you can send them a survey in an instant.

3_Momice_promotie_webisite_Eén systeem voor alle communicatie & registratie

Consistent, professional design

Momice Design Studio can design an account template in the (house) style of your organization.

When all departments work with the same template, consistency throughout the entire organization is guaranteed. That comes in handy if you're dealing with multiple faculties or branches.

Also, Momice software is completely white label, so the Momice logo is not displayed.

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Gather insights & enrich data

Collecting data and information about the target audience becomes much easier with Momice. For example, you gain insight into:

  • Website visits
  • Mail statistics (open, bounce, and click rates)
  • Attendees & no-shows (via Momice Check-in)
  • Viewership metrics for online events
  • Survey results
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Extremely secure & 100% accessible

At Momice, we take good care of our customers and their data:

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • ISO-27001 certified
  • Regular independent PEN tests
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Ability to assign different user roles
  • All websites and forms created with Momice comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.

Our clients in the industry

Many knowledge institutions already choose Momice: here is a small selection of our education clients: Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Saxion, Hanze Hogeschool, Vonk, Avans, HKU, and Maastricht University.


"We organize more events than we thought.
Momice is the perfect match!"

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The top 10 smartest Momice features

1. Invitation & other emails

Invite your students or alumni with a professional, beautifully designed email, in the style of your institution or faculty: professional and consistent!

Also send:

  • Reminders
  • Registration confirmation
  • Update emails with additional information (program, location, topics)
  • Evaluation
2. Registration

Compose your own registration form based on standard questions or add custom questions. Include a personal registration link in your invitation.

Registrations and cancellations will then be automatically tracked in a clear registration overview.

3. Guest registration

Are you organizing a graduation ceremony or another event where attendees are allowed to bring one or more guests?

You can easily automate this process with Momice! Select the number of guests and Momice will automatically keep track of registrations - and their guests. 

"Keeping track of registrations and sending reminders is really so easy!"

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4. Confirmation & reminders

If the registration is successful, Momice sends an automatic confirmation with the following details:

  • Registration information
  • Personalized e-ticket for for accessing the event
  • Link to the event website for all up-to-date event information
  • In the case of live events: direct link to the livestream
5. Event website

Share all information about the event on a (temporary) event website, completely customized to the style of your educational institution!

Utilize special templates for information about:

  • location & accessibility
  • program
  • speakers
  • and more!

"No more hassle at the door? Checking in participants is super easy with Momice!"

Prices and possibilities
6. Attendee check-in (on-site registration)

Keep track of your attendees, both for live and online events.

No more fumbling with Excel sheets, simply scan the e-ticket with your own smartphone or tablet.

Printing badges on location is also possible. Read more here.

7. Online & hybrid events

Is your open day or staff meeting (partially) taking place online? Give everyone the opportunity to tune in via the branded live stream page.

Online participants are welcomed in the Online Lounge: a digital reception area complete with a personal program, timeline, and other event highlights.

8. Audience interaction

Engage (potential) students actively in the event through interaction:

  • Polls
  • Chat 
  • View questions

This way, you enhance engagement and gather valuable insights.


"I always send a survey to the participants to measure the outcome."

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9. Sharing attachments and documents

Would you like to share documents with your audience? You can easily do so on the special knowledge page. Perfect for:

  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Papers
  • Brochures
  • Videos
  • Useful links or websites
10. Measuring the results (Survey)

After the event, you naturally want to know what your event has achieved. Did the message come across, were participants satisfied, was anything missing?

You can find out by sending a survey to the attendees.

Additionally, statistics from the website, mailings, tickets, and attendees provide valuable insights.

Streamline all your educational events


Do you organize events for the education sector?

Then the chances are high that Momice perfectly fits your needs!

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