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Rutger Bremer8/9/18 12:16 PM4 min read

This is why organising client events is a good idea

Even though digital marketing dominates the marketing landscape, event marketing remains essential for brand promotion and lead generation in B2B and B2C organisations. If your company organises no events, or just sporadically, you might wonder: why is this necessary? This time of digitalisation asks for offline, face to face events, as a counterpart for the many online marketing activities. In this blog, Momice founder Rutger Bremer gives 5 reasons for using events as a powerful marketing tool.

1. Collecting & applying client feedback

An event is a wonderful way to hear what is important to your clients. Invite your most enthusiastic users and ask them how you can improve your product.

At Momice, we do everything in our power to make the software meet the needs of our users. Although our clients are operating in different various sectors (finance, automotive, government, education, insurance, sports, media, legal) they have one thing in common: they take events seriously! They organise different types of events on a regular basis: marketing events, sales meetings, trainings or employee events - events are part of their marketing strategy.

We think it’s important (and fun!) to gather feedback from clients. Despite the fact that we have many ideas of our own, we keep collecting new insights during our events. We also test new features: our clients talk, we listen, apply and adjust. The result: satisfied customers that happily keep sharing our software.

2. Get to know your clients

‘Know your customer’ is one of the basic rules of marketing. And yet, there is often a big distance between organisations and their clients. ‘Live’ encounters are important - or even necessary - in order to get to know your clients, and their challenges.

At Momice, we have hundreds of users that we want to service as good as possible. Being a SaaS (Software As A Service) company, it is challenging to meet clients in person, as most interaction happens online. Therefore we regularly organise small events at our offices: the Momice Insight Sessions. These sessions enable us to meet our clients in person, even if we have ‘virtually’ known them for a long time.

During the Insight Sessions we hear what is important and feel whether or not our clients are happy with our service. We develop, deepen and strengthen our relationship with our most important contacts - something we could never achieve with merely newsletters or webinars. Our clients highly appreciate this: the personal touch is explicitly mentioned in almost all client reviews. And we are proud of this!

3. Learn & inspire

Chances are that many of your clients are coping with similar, sector or profession related challenges. Events can facilitate learning from peers, exchange experiences and share knowledge.

Momice organises regular knowledge sessions, featuring 1 central theme. We share our knowledge from the industry with our clients, and teach them to use the software effectively. We also give our clients the opportunity to discuss their own challenges with peers.

Event pros are always looking for ways to surprise their attendees with creative concepts. Continuous innovation for similar, recurring events can be quite demanding - and inspiration from peers or other events can offer great fuel. Our clients are widely spread over various sectors and industries, allowing for many great cases to be shared. This is often combined with tips & tricks for smart use of our event software.

4. Networking

In many cases, networking is one of the most important reasons to visit an event. Are your clients working in the same industry or sector? A networking event can create nice momentum for them to meet new people, or strengthen valuable relationships.

All of our clients are event professionals working for event agencies, sport related organisations, governments or large corporates. Besides sharing knowledge, our clients from interesting collaborations or partnerships during our events. We love to see our partners get in touch with our clients, and we are excited to see our network become stronger with these new alliances.

5. Meet your leads

Events make it possible to give your leads a personal experience (good for bonding!) Show them what you do, where you do it and how - so your potential clients can make a deliberate decision.

Momice always aims for happy clients. However, we prefer to show it, not shout it. We regularly invite potential clients to our events, so they can experience our team, our offices and - of course - our software. There is room for asking the most pressing questions and for talking to current clients, to see if Momice is a good match for them.


Events are all about experience and personal attention, not about reaching big crowds (you need different channels for that). Literally opening the doors to your offices makes it possible to start a conversation with your clients. Organising events, besides your online marketing activities, can result in powerful synergy for reaching potential and existing clients! 

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