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Marlou Kramer5/2/17 12:00 AM2 min read

5 Event management tools you can’t miss

According to Forbes, the event manager is in the top 5 most stressful jobs of 2017. As an event manager, you have to manage many tasks at the same time. Momice would love to help by sharing these 5 useful tools to streamline your daily activities.

1. Slack: Internal communication

Skip email, Whatsapp and other chat programs. Slack claims to be the "Team communication tool of the 21st century". Get quick answers in a group or one-to-one conversation, share documents with your team (and easily look them up later), or create groups and ‘channels’ for specific topics. Slack also has a feature for phone calls, but most of all it’s super simple and has ‘the look’. Our Momice team was hooked within a day!

2. Trello: Project management

As an event manager, you want to have a clear overview of what needs to happen - and when. With Trello, you can create different ‘boards’ for various projects - and on the ‘cards’ you can indicate all your tasks or to-dos. You can easily add team members to a card, so everyone can see what is happening. Assign tasks to team members and guard the deadline by specifying a ‘due date’. Afterwards, you can easily archive your cards, so your overview remains organized.

3. Hootsuite: Social media planning

Promoting your event through social media may be just as important as organizing the event itself. How do you ensure your Tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn messages are send at the right moment? Using Hootsuite, you plan and prepare all messages for the various channels. Very useful, especially if you’re organizing multiple events at the same time!

4. Toggl: Time tracking

Do you have to validate your time per project? Or specify a delivery date? Toggl is a smart time tracking tool, that can help you find out how much time is spent on different elements such as visitor registration, mailings and event production. This gives interesting insights that can help you plan and organise new events.

5. Canva: Design

You are an event manager, not a designer. Yet it is really important all your event communication looks smart and attractive. With Canva you don’t need Adobe skills, only a good sense of style. Canva makes it super easy to create a presentation, social media post or other communication material.

How to get started with your new tools?

The use of new tools can only succeed if everyone understands the value - and when no alternative tools are used. Keep in mind it takes some time before everyone feels confident with the new situation. If you are familiar with the tools, you can inspire your colleagues easier. So try, explore, read, and be inspired! Have a look at Trello's conference planning inspiration board.


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