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Event software for you and your client

A satisfied client for your events?

Every event manager is aiming for a happy client. This can be quite challenging:

  • You want to provide as much support to your client as possible.
  • Both you and your client want insight into registrations and attendee lists.
  • Your event design (for mailing & website) should make an impact.
  • You want a smooth check-in process without long queues.
  • You want to comply with GDPR and WCAG.

You want to keep your hands free for the production of:

  • Kick-off meetings
  • Anniversaries
  • Management events
  • Corporate festivals
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • End of year events



Exceed your client's expectations while retaining full control

Take away all concerns from your client while retaining full control.

  • Take full responsibility for the entire event registration and communication process for your client, while maintaining a clear overview.
  • One less external supplier, hence less hassle.
  • Your client can monitor progress at any time: add them as a user or observer.
  • Comprehensive statistics enable professional reporting and evaluation.

Make an impact with stunning designs

  • Translate the event concept down to the smallest detail, with unique websites and mailings.
  • Extensive styling options for websites and mailings.
  • Custom CSS for even more options.
  • Account templates available for regular clients.
  • 100% white label.

Purchase smartly to increase your margin

  • Start at a low level and determine what you need for each event.
  • Charge a nice margin to your client and avoid unexpected costs.
  • Collaborate with a large team: a single license includes up to 10 users!
  • If you refer a client that wants to use Momice, the Momice Certified Partner Network will provide you with:
    • Cashback fee
    • Extra visibility through Momice
    • Convenience with GDPR alignment
    • And more: read on.
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Extremely secure & 100% accessible

For years, Momice has complied with the security standards:

  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • ISO-27001 certified
  • Regular independent PEN tests
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Ability to assign different user roles
  • All websites and forms created with Momice comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.

Gather insights & enrich your data

Data reveals whether an event is successful. This allows you to evaluate your events professionally.

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Attendees & no-shows (with Momice Check-in)
  • Website and email statistics (open, bounce, and click rates)
  • Viewer statistics (attendees) for online events
  • Survey results & insights
  • Comprehensive website statistics
  • Professional reports


Many agencies are already convinced

More than 40 event agencies in the Netherlands use Momice. For example, D&B Eventmarketing, International Orange, KingCanary, Obsession, Cognito, and Bax Projects.


"Momice truly adds value for our clients."

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The smartest Momice features

1. Registration: keep track of who's coming

Manually keeping track of registrations belongs to the past! Streamline your event registration:

  • Online registration form
  • Clear overview of registrations and cancellations
  • Automatic registration confirmation
  • Open or personalized registration
  • Workshop registration, guest registration, and waiting list


2. Beautiful mailings for the right audience

Make your event stand out: create beautiful designs and address the right audience!

  • Professional account templates in your own corporate identity
  • Import and export various participant lists
  • Handy filters to segment the right audience
  • Easily send reminders, updates, or thank-you emails
  • User-friendly mail editor with widgets

"Our clients are eager to work with Momice too! That's why we're now Certified Partner."

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3. Participant check-in and badge printing without queues

No more fumbling at the door, but a smooth check-in for all participants.

  • Professional welcome for all guests
  • Easy visitor check-in with QR-code
  • Instant badge label printing at the venue
  • Badges and lanyards in your own style
  • Possibility to rent complete registration sets from Momice
  • Clear overview of attendees and no-shows


4. Measure success and enrich your data

What makes an event successful? The numbers can tell you that. Evaluate your event based on:

  • Visitor surveys including convenient Skip Logic function
  • Registration data (registrations, cancellations, no-shows)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure enthusiasm
  • Email statistics (open, bounce, and click rates)
  • Professional reporting and survey export

"With Momice Check-in, on-site registration always runs smoothly."

Prices and possibilities

5. Engage your participants with audience interaction

Momice provides an interaction tool for in-person and online events:

  • Allow your audience to vote on polls.
  • Collect input with a word cloud.
  • Let the audience ask questions via the tool.
  • No need for additional systems or suppliers.
6. Also for all your online & hybrid events

Offer all your participants a personalized experience.

  • Free choice of streaming platform (Vimeo, Zoom or MS Teams)
  • Public or private live streams
  • Separate registration for hybrid events (online and offline separately)
  • Automatic check-in for online participants



Become a Momice Certified Partner?

The Momice Certified Partner Network is a network of experienced event agencies that work with Momice.

If your event agency brings in a new client, you can become a Momice Certified Partner too. All parties benefit!

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Tell us about your next event!

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