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Marlou Kramer6/13/18 11:31 AM2 min read

5 Benefits of using event ticketing software

Selling tickets to an event is often approached as a separate process. A shame! If ticketing software is integrated in your event management software, this can create synergy - so you can get the most out of your events. We’ll discuss 5 benefits.

1. Flawless event registration

Ticket sales takes a prominent place in the registration process. Of course it is important to know how many tickets have been sold. But equally important: WHO bought these tickets? Which target audiences fall behind? In our previous blog, we elaborated on the importance of a solid ticket strategy. An integrated system makes it possible to follow up on this strategy by tracking ticket sales per category, ticket type and target groups.

create seperate event tickets for your VIPs and early birds

View how many event tickets have been sold per category, type of ticket or target group.

2. Automatic confirmation & e-ticket

Your guests will expect a registration confirmation after purchasing their event tickets. Integrated event software will send this email automatically. In some cases, the e-ticket that is attached, can be set up by you as an organiser - making it possible to include a logo or provide specific event information on the ticket. Besides an e-ticket, many B2B event attendees will require a company invoice. Smart software generates this invoice for you, and includes it in the confirmation email. Very convenient!

3. Targeted communication

If your software accurately tracks who registered, cancelled or bought a ticket for your event, sending out targeted follow-up emails is super simple. Consider sending a reminder to the non-respondents or an event update to your future attendees. From the update mail you can direct them to your event website, where they can find event details and fresh announcements.

Tip: Targeted group approach and personalisation creates a higher response rate on your email invitations. Read here more about how to influence your events through personalisation.

4. Attendee intelligence

On the day of the event, you can easily check-in your attendees by scanning the QR-code on the e-ticket with your smartphone - at no extra costs and without additional equipment. If your ticketing software is connected to your registration overview, this allows you to gain insight in who is present and who is still to be expected. You can also consider using the attendee list to send additional information on the day of the event.

5. Measuring event ROI 

Event statistics can be used to determine the success of your event. By making good use of your event ticketing and registration software, you can measure your event ROI by looking at the following indicators:

  • number of tickets sold (per day)
  • ticket turnover (per ticket category)
  • show and no-show percentages

In addition, integrated event software enables you to send an evaluation survey to your attendees. You can request additional feedback or measure for example your Net Promoter Score or NPS (enthusiasm index). All these numbers tell you how well your event performed - and how effective your ticket strategy has been. You can use these numbers to make your next event even better!

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