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Event software for your

Corporate events: a lot of hassle?

Do you recognize the following challenges when organizing corporate events?

  • Manually keeping track of registrations and invitee lists
  • Working with different systems
  • Lack of insight into event results
  • Inconsistent communication (mailings, website)
  • Long queues at check-in on location
  • Lack of insight into who is coming or was present

You organize more events than you think:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Stakeholder meeting
  • Product launch
  • Project presentation
  • Employee event
  • Partner event
  • PR event
  • Sponsor dinner



One solution for all the hassle

One system for all registration & communication

Events are serious business. You need professional tools for that. Momice event software is specially designed to consolidate all event communication and align it, so you're not constantly busy importing lists and manually adjusting.

The registration overview is linked to the email module, so you can select all registered attendees at once for an update. Or send a quick reminder to the non-respondents.

If you've checked in the attendees, you can send them a survey in an instant. 


Consistent, professional design

If you want immaculate communication for your events, Momice Design Studio can design an account template in the (house) style of your company.

When all departments work with the same template, consistency throughout the entire organization is guaranteed. This comes in handy when multiple departments or branches are involved.

Also, Momice software is fully white label, so the Momice logo is not displayed anywhere.


Extremely secure & 100% accessible

For years, Momice has complied with the security standards of banks, insurers, and government institutions:

  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • ISO-27001 certified
  • Regular independent PEN tests
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Ability to assign different user roles
  • All websites and forms created with Momice comply with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.

Gather insights & enrich your data

Collecting data and information about the target audience becomes much easier with Momice. For example, you gain insight into:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Attendees & no-shows (with Momice Check-in)
  • Mail statistics (open, bounce, and click rates)
  • Viewer numbers for online events
  • Survey results & professional reporting
  • Comprehensive website statistics


Our clients in the industry

Dozens of major companies choose Momice year after year. For example: KLM, ABN AMRO, Ahold Delhaize, Achmea, PostNL and Chipsoft.


"There's a lot of money involved in corporate events. Good tools are necessary."

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The smartest Momice features

1. Registration: Stay in control of who's coming

Never manually track registrations and cancellations again. Streamline your event registration process:

  • Online registration form
  • Clear overview of registrations and cancellations
  • Automatic registration confirmation
  • Open or personalized registration
  • Workshop registration, guest registration, and waiting list


2. Beautiful mailings, tailored to the right audience

Ensure your event stands out: create an attractive design and target the right audience!

  • Professional account templates in your own (corporate) branding
  • Import and export various participant lists
  • Handy filters to segment the right audience
  • Easily send reminders, update emails, or thank-you emails
  • User-friendly mail editor with widgets

"Momice saves us dozens of hours of work for each event."

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3. Participant check-in and badge printing without queues

No more fumbling at the door, but smooth check-in for all participants.

  • Professional reception for all guests
  • Easy attendee check-in with QR-code
  • Instant badge printing on location
  • Badges and lanyards in your own style
  • Possibility to rent complete registration sets from Momice
  • Clear overview of attendees and no-shows


4. Measure success and enrich your data

Was the event a success? The numbers can tell you that. Evaluate your event based on:

  • Visitor survey with handy Skip Logic function
  • Registration data (registrations, cancellations, no-shows)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure enthusiasm
  • Email statistics (open, bounce, and click rates)
  • Website statistics (e.g., website visits)
  • Professional reporting and survey export

"From the moment we tried Momice on-site registration, we were sold!"

Prices and possibilities

5. Create a professional event website without technical knowledge

The event website is the perfect place for all visitor information. With Momice, you can easily create it yourself.

  • All visitor info in one place
  • Standard pages for important event information like agenda, location, speakers, guest list
  • Unique account template in the style of your institution
  • User-friendly & easy to set up
  • Pages and forms comply with WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Password protection possible
6. Also for all your online & hybrid events

Offer all your participants a personalized experience. 

  • Audience interaction for increased engagement: chat, polls, and viewer questions
  • Free choice of streaming platform (e.g., MS Teams or Zoom)
  • Public or private live streams
  • Separate registration for hybrid events (online and offline separately)
  • Automatic check-in for online participants



Do you organize events in the corporate sector?

Momice might just be the perfect fit for your needs!
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