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Fleur Oude Voshaar8/27/20 3:00 PM1 min read

3, 2, 1, action! The ultimate checklist for live streams

The last hour before going live with your online event or webinar can be rather tense. Will the technical set-up work? Will the audience be able to attend? Many aspects depend on the hardware and software you selected. Trial and error taught us what’s important – and we would love to share this experience with you. This is why we created this handy last minute checklist for your live streams.

Gone is gone

Though it might sound like an open door, it is important to keep in mind that your attendees are not in the hall, but in their own space. This means that at any moment they might decide to start doing something else. Facilitating easy participation is crucial. If the live stream malfunctions, chances are that your audience will disappear, without coming back.

Walkthrough for a flawless experience

Preparation is time consuming and sometimes feels a little ungrateful – if all goes well, no one will notice. If something goes wrong, everyone will have something to say about it. So make a flawless experience your main concert. Test all aspects thoroughly, so you will not face any surprises. Both your hardware (camera, computers, cables) and software (streaming, interaction) need to be stable. Make sure you do a complete walkthrough of the full program, including an actual streaming, audience interaction and export of the recording and even out all the little flaws you encounter. Remember: once you are live, there’s no way back!

The ultimate checklist

During the preparation of your live stream, you have a lot of things to manage. To help you keep a good overview, we created this checklist. We understand that all events are custom made – and online events are no different. Feel free to add your checkboxes to optimize the list. Did you hire an external live stream partner? Use this checklist to keep an eye on important aspects, but trust their expertise.

All right. Enough said. Download the checklist below, and good luck with your online event.Download the checklist