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Aaron Mirck12/24/18 10:04 AM3 min read

‘Higher attendance rate thanks to Momice’

Recently, the book Digital Capital by Denis Doeland got published. To promote the book for his target audience, Doeland organised a book launch in the prestigious A’dam Tower. In this interview he explains how Momice optimised the event registration process and lead to a higher attendance rate.

From ID&T veteran to popular guest lecturer

Doeland worked at ID&T for about 20 years. There, he was involved in the digital aspect of the well-known festival organisation. Afterwards, Doeland became a popular speaker, columnist and guest lecturer in the field of marketing, digital transformation and innovation in the entertainment industry. Amongst other things, Doeland got the opportunity to help the famous Dutch DJ Hardwell with his marketing and IT.

Nifty registration page

The former ID&T employee presented his book in the A’dam Tower, the former Shell Tower, next to the IJ. This tower now flourishes as a hotspot for creatives and startups. The event resulted in a clear insight in the digital world, a beautiful view over the city and around 200 attendees. Momice’s extensive experience in event registration came in handy for this event.

“With the expertise of Momice, I was able to increase the number of attendees for my event. I learned that you have to start six weeks in advance when it comes to sending out the invites. Designing the event website using Momice software is easy, which is a great feature. If you were to design a website yourself, it would take you weeks and even then you wouldn't be sure if it turns out this nice. Besides, the CMS directly shows what content is appealing to the attendees. The Momice website also looks good on mobile, which is an absolute must - since most attendees primarily use their smartphone.”

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Direct insights in the event

Doeland states that Momice was useful for other event aspects, too. “Unexpectedly, the parking lot was full. Momice helped us to act quickly and inform the attendees about two alternative parking lots nearby - including directly. Because of this, a lot of attendees still made it in time.”

Momice also gives direct insight into the visitor flow. “Guests could be checked in on the ground floor, while the presentation was at the 16th. The Momice Check-in app gives real-time information on how many people were inside, and how many were still to be expected. Useful info for event manager on the 16th floor.”

Increase attendance by using data

Doeland says he managed to realise such high attendance rates by using data insights. “I would’ve never obtained these insights with a Email Marketing Software (EMS) like MailChimp. The thing is, want to achieve a clear overview: who is coming and who is cancelling? With that information you can do follow-ups, e.g., by using other communication channels like Whatsapp.”

Doeland kept the attendees informed about the programme. “Afterwards, they received an incentive to read the book. Following the ‘pay what you want’ principle, people were able to order the paper version of the book or the e-book. I exported the list of attendees as a user base of my blog, so that they will receive a notification everytime I publish a blog. This is how I optimise the yield of an event by extending the period of contact with your (potential) fans and clients.


“Momice software and experience helped me lower the no-show of my book launch”, says the former ID&T marketeer. “The software is easy to use and offers real-time insights, which enables anticipating unexpected circumstances. Keeping in contact with the attendee is easy, both before and after the event. That is the power of Momice.”

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