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Rutger Bremer4/27/15 2:19 PM1 min read

Amsterdam Marketing: A time-saving tool

We love to tell the stories of Momice users. Why do they use Momice, how do they use it and what are their struggles / benefits? Here is the first case: Sonja Straathof, event manager at Amsterdam marketing. Sonja saves up to 75% of her time using Momice. Here is how…

Outlook & Excel frustrations

Sonja Straathof, event manager at Amsterdam Marketing (the organisation known for the I AMSTERDAM pay off) organises three networking events a year for their partners. “Live communication still remains the most powerful tool to showcase the added value of Amsterdam Marketing”.

“It took us 30 hours per event to manage all communication flows.”

“We are accustomed to use Outlook for our invitations and Excel to track all event registrations. A time consuming work process. It took us 30 hours per event to manage all communication flows.”

From Excel to outsourcing event registration

“Next step was to contact a registration software partner. A time-saving solution, but the costs increased a lot: up to € 5.000 ,- per event”. This price would be somewhat affordable if we would only organise one event per year.

But we love to create more contact with our audience. We started with three events per year, in 2014 10 events and in 2015 we scheduled 25 events. Only the costs on event registration were unaffordable when working with a registration partner. 

So we searched for a user-friendly ‘Do It Yourself’ tool, to work more efficiently and keep the communication costs manageable. Momice was the perfect solution for our organisation.

Momice is a time-saving solution

“With Momice I no longer depend on any IT- developers or graphic designers to create a event website, sending out my invitations and keeping up my registrations. The tool enables me to work much more efficient, because all communication tools (invitations, reminders, registrations and websites) are easy to create and manage through one user-friendly platform. It’s a fantastic feeling to control all event communication moments, all by myself.”

It now takes me 7 hours in total to send invites and keep up the registrations for an event. That is a time saving of 75%! Only with Momice I can manage 25 events per year on my own.


Download the event registration white paper