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Sven Janmaat3/30/21 10:09 AM2 min read

Selecting (new) event software? This shopping list helps!

Event software comes in many variations – from a simple registration form to extensive online platforms. It is quite possible that you feel a little lost in this landscape. Choosing the right software can be very difficult. Momice made this handy checklist to help you choose the software that suits you best! 

Download the shopping list

Event software helps you automate all steps of event registration and communication. This helps you save a lot of time – that can be better spent on creating a better experience for your visitors. Smart software brings you even more! It helps you invite your contacts in a professional way, keep track of registrations and visitors (also online!) and collect valuable data for proper evaluation.

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The 10 shopping list categories

The shopping list is divided into 10 categories. For each category, we list the most important functionalities. Tick the boxes of the functionalities you need for your (online) events. The more boxes you ticked, the better Momice software suits your needs. 

  • Registration: let your invitees register for the event and sub-sessions
  • Communication: keep in touch with your contacts: before, during and after the event
  • Marketing: collect valuable event data
  • Tickets: manage multiple (paid) tickets for your event
  • Privacy & security: protect the (registration) details of your visitors
  • On-site registration: check in (and check out) your visitors on the event location
  • Online & hybrid events: provide an excellent event experience – also online
  • SaaS or managed: do it yourself or outsource the management of your events
  • Design & styling: apply your company branding to all elements of the event
  • Service: get all the service and support you need
  • Registration: let your invitees register for the event and sub-sessions

Online vs. real-life

The features you need may vary depending on the type of event. Because of the rise of online events, the need for live stream solutions and audience interaction grew quickly. Online events seem to have gained a permanent place in the event scenery – resulting in a new balance between online and offline events.

Therefore, be critical about the current and future functionalities. Make sure the event registration software you select covers your long term needs – by offering solutions for online and hybrid events too. This way, you keep your flexibility, while you are prepared for all scenarios.

Decision aid: the shopping list

The Shopping list helps you as an event professional to decide which event software fits your needs best. You can download it below. TIP: include other departments in your decision making process, so the selected software meets all the (internal) requirements. In case you would like to discuss the needs of your company in person – you can contact one of the Momice event consultants.

Download the shopping list