Momice F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions about the software & service

Do you think Momice can be a good solution for your company? Chances are that you have very practical questions about licences, onboarding or security. We’ve listed the most common questions here.

More questions? Or do you prefer to see Momice in action? Pepijn and Neal are happy to help! You can make an appointment here. 

Prices & purchase

What does the use of Momice cost?
A Momice basic licence starts at € 2395 and includes 5 users and 3 event credits. Extra event credits can be purchased for € 320 - € 395 each, depending on the number of credits puchased. The cost for an extra user is € 550. It is also possible to buy an unlimited number of events for an additional fee of € 7950.

Use the calculator to get an indication of the costs for your organisation. 

Is it possible to take event credits to the next contract year? 

That is possible. If you have bought extra event credits on top of your licence, 2 can be taken to the next contract year. The basic licence including 3 event credits has to be purchased every year. In the case of a buy-out up to 100 credits, it is not possible to take the credits to the following contract year.

What is included in Momice?
A Momice basic licence includes:

  • Event website
  • Branded livestream page for online events
  • Mailing campaigns (unlimited)
  • Registration (up to 5000 invitees)
  • Attendee Check-in app (unlimited)
  • Statistics & reports

More advanced options like custom domain name, advanced registration, audience interaction and (custom) badges are available. View all features.

Which modules do I have to purchase
The modules Mail, Registration, Website, Tickets and Statistics are included in the Momice basic licence. The Interaction Module can be added for € 350,- or € 1250,- for unlimited use.

Each module can be upgraded with extra add-ons, like Ticketing (for paid events, free entry tickets are included in the basic licence, a custom domain name or badge printing.

  • Ticketing for paid events (€ 500,- one-time)
  • Audience interaction (€ 350,- per event or € 1250,- for all events)
  • Domain name - wildcard (€ 1250,-)
  • Outbound e-mail (€ 600,-)
  • Guest registration (+1) (€ 350,-)
  • Waiting list (€ 250,-)
  • Online lounge (€ 950,- per event)
  • Website & e-mail template (€ 1250,-)
  • Extended capacity for 1000-5000 (online) attendees (€ 395,- per event)

Can I easily purchase more or less modules? Or pay for less if I don't use them?
The modules included in the basic licence are always available. For the purchase or removal of add-ons, like paid tickets or audience interaction, you can contact Momice support at any moment. After approving we will (de)activate the desired features or modules directly for your account. Once an add-on is in use for a specific event, this can have consequences. Of course we are willing to help you think this through.

What is included in a Momice contract?

  • 1 company account with 5 user accounts
  • 3 event credits
  • Support via help center, mail and phone
  • Personal support on your first event event
  • Software access for the selected modules
  • Software updates for your modules and features

How long is a contract?
A standard contract is made for one year. A contract for multiple years is also possible on request.

How and when can I end my contract?
You can end your contract by notifying us via email, one week before your contract ends at the latest. 

What does the quotation and facturation process look like? 
1. Inventorisation/Demo: we collect your desires in a phone call or personal demo.
2. Quotation: we make a quotation and send it to you.
3.Approval: you can complete the quotation with your company details and approve it online.
4. Invoice & account: after approving your quotation, we create your account and send you the invoice. 
5. Payment: Payment is due in 30 days after the invoice date.

Can I add more users to the software? What happens if I have less users? 
The Momice basic licence includes 5 users. In case you prefer to add more users or remove current users, you can contact support, so they can apply the changes directly.

Can I use Momice for a single event, without a licence?
Yes, that is possible, but only in combination with Momice Agency — a team of project managers, guiding you through the complete registration, communication and evaluation process. 

Can I get a demo?
Yes, there are 3 ways to see Momice in action:

Can I read user reviews? 
Yes, please! We are proud of our user reviews. You can find them on the following platforms: 

Is it possible to speak to clients for a reference? 
Absolutely! We love for potential clients to get in touch with our current users. Do not hesitate to ask us, so we can connect you to any client in any industry.

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Tool & features

Which features does Momice offer?
The list of Momice features is very long. We listed them in this special feature pag.

Is Momice user friendly?
One of the main reasons for our clients to be so enthusiastic about Momice is the user friendliness of the software. You can read this in the reviews at G2, or Capterra, or make an appointment for a personal demo so you can see for yourself.

Can I make events in my own company style? 
Yes, it is very easy to align the event website and mailings with your company or event style. Momice allows you to save your templates, so you can design all events in the same style. Your design can be adjusted for each individual event, using colours, images, fonts and logos.

It is also possible to have Momice Design Studio make a custom template for your organisation. Would you rather have a complete event identity? This is also possible. Read more about Momice Design Studio

Can I get a test account?
No, at the moment we do not offer test accounts. We have a short demo video and a live demo on request, to show you  the possibilities and functionalities of Momice software and help you determine whether Momice is right for you.

What kind of data can I export from Momice? / Can I export data from Momice? 
You can export the following data from the tool at any moment:

  • Registration details: registrations, cancellations, attendees. 
  • Event content, including content from website, mail and files. 
  • Reports and statistics, like website visits, registrations, email statistics, survey stats, responses to audience interaction and ticket revenue. 

Is Momice suitable for all events?
Momice is suitable for many types of (medium sized) B2B events like company events, congresses, seminars, webinars, product launches, marketing events client events. Momice is not suitable for B2C events.

Momice can be used for all kinds of B2B events like conferences, kick-off meetings, product launches or internal events — online, live or hybrid. Momice is less suitable for big exhibitions or symposium events, nor for B2C events. Do you want to be sure? Feel free to contact Momice for more information.

How many attendees/registrations can be included in an event? 
Live events have a maximum of 5,000 registrations. For online events, the maximum number of attendees is 1,000. Do you expect more people? Contact Momice so we can check the capacity of our servers, this can only be done  on request.

How many users can work together on an event
Multiple people can work on the same event, but not simultaneously on the same email or website page, as simultaneous changes cannot be saved. You can work in different modules or on different pages at the same time. 

Each user gets a personal account, as a part of the company account, allowing each user to work on their own events. You can share events for easy collaboration.

Can I assign different user roles to my colleagues?
Yes you can. For any user, you can choose from the following roles: 

  • Owner (the one that creates the event)
  • Admin (same rights as owner) 
  • Event Manager (same rights as owner, except for adding users)
  • Producer (same rights as event manager, except for adjusting templates and importing/exporting data)
  • Observer (can merely view statistics)

Can Momice be offered in multiple languages? 
Yes, it is possible to build the website and registration form in 2 options, choosing from 6 different languages. Momice prepares all standard texts in the registration and communication in the language of your choice. You can adjust all standard texts to your preferences.

How does Momice handle attendees to international events?
For online events, it is possible to set a time zone. The program will be automatically adjusted to the time zone corresponding to the area of the attendee. Also, it is possible to set up the registration, communication and event website in two languages. 

What are the limitations to the software? 
Momice is not suitable for B2C events, large exhibitions, symposium events or hotel bookings. Momice does not offer on-site registration support – except from the rental of devices, tablets / scanners. Momice is focussed on event registration and communication, not on event production.

When not to choose Momice?

  • If there is no budget for event software
  • Is you don’t consider the experience of your attendees as valuable
  • If you are looking for a custom made solution 
  • If you are looking for an on-site registration partner
  • If you are looking for an event agency or event producer

What happens if an event is cancelled? 
If an event is cancelled, after it is published because of unforeseen circumstances, we can change the event settings, in order to keep the event website online for a longer period. As soon as a new date is determined, the dates can be changed. This prevents you form spending an extra event credit. 

What happens if I have already sold tickets to an event that is cancelled? 
If an event is cancelled after selling the entry tickets with Momice, we advise you to contact Momice Support. The event can be moved to another date. Refunds however are a bit more difficult for the organiser. Of course we will support you however we can.

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Privacy & security

Is Momice safe?
We do everything we can to keep Momice as safe as possible. Both independent security offices and our own clients perform regular PEN-tests on the software and servers. Vulnerabilities (small and large) are solved immediately. Since Momice was founded in 2013, there has never been any hack or data breach.

Can I assign different user roles to my colleagues?
Yes you can. For any user, you can choose from the following roles: 

  • Owner (the one that creates the event)
  • Admin (same rights as owner) 
  • Event Manager (same rights as owner, except for adding users)
  • Producer (same rights as event manager, except for adjusting templates and importing/exporting data)
  • Observer (can merely view statistics)

Is Momice GDPR compliant?
Yes. From a SaaS solution like Momice, you may expect that we treat your personal and company data with great caution and care. Here are some points that we consider very important: 

  • Personal data stored on the Momice servers for maximum 30 days after the event
  • Data processing within the European Union
  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with all our clients
  • Easy unsubscription from mailings lists
  • Guest list according to GDPR guidelines
  • Independent and client based PEN testing
  • All Momice suppliers meet the highest security standards

What is included in the DPA? 
Momice highly values the privacy of the users, and therefore uses a specific DPA for data processing at events. This DPA is suitable for almost all companies. You can find an example here.Een voorbeeld van de DPA vind je hier.

Which data can be exported from the tool? 

You can export the following data at any moment: 

  • All personal registration data: invitees, registrations, cancellations, attendees. 
  • Event content, including website, mail, information and files. 
  • Reports and statistics, like website visits, registration information, email performance, survey results, interaction results and ticket revenue.

What terms and conditions does Momice use? 

The general terms & conditions for Momice (policies & agreements) are quite extensive. We created a specific page for you to read.


Support & onboarding

Is Momice DIY or can I also outsource. 
You can work independently with the Momice software OR you can outsource (a part of) the event registration and communication to Momice Agency. This is entirely up to you. The event consultants of Momice Agency can support you in: 

  • event objectives
  • registration 
  • communication (mailings, reminders, invitations) 
  • audience interaction 
  • website and mailing design 
  • survey and evaluation

They are dedicated to help you achieve the deadlines, while giving your attendees an optimal event experience.

How fast can I start? What does the onboarding process look like?
When you have accepted the quotation, you can start right away. We will create an account for your organis

What technical or organisational steps have to be taken? 

  • Tell us the domain name you want to use for your event websites and the sender address for your emails.
  • Momice will get the domain name and connects it to your account, so all new events use the correct URL and email address.
  • Momice activates the requested add-ons on your account
  • Momice creates a basic design that can be used as a basic template for your your websites and mailings, including extra design elements to spark your event communication.

How does onboarding work, and how long does it take?
The Customer Success team creates an account for your organisation, gives you access to an online video training, supports you in creating your first event, to make sure you get the maximum out of the software. You can reach the Momice support desk on working days between 9AM and 5PM, or view the Momice Help Centre if you have questions.

Will I be trained to use Momice software? 
Yes, Momice offers several online tutorials, explaining all important features in the software. There is extra help available for your first event(s), in case desired. 

Does Momice offer more training or education? 
Yes, Momice Academy is offering webinars, crash courses and masterclasses, to provide event professionals with new knowledge and inspiration. Momice also offers custom in-company training courses.

How does Momice offer support? Can I call the support desk?
Yes, Momice can be reached by telephone. We also provide an online Help Center, explaining all the software features. In case you cannot find the answer, you can always send an email to We will answer your question as quickly as possible, on average within 2-3 hours. 

Is support in Dutch?
Yes, our support team are Dutch natives, but also fluent in English. 

Does Momice offer support abroad?
The Momice support team offers support from the Netherlands, our headquarters are located. Within Dutch office hours we are happy to provide support to all (international) Momice clients. The online Help Centre is available 24/7.

Does Momice offer on-site support? 
No, Momice Check-in & Badges is designed to allow all companies to arrange (contactless) check-in for all attendees without the help of Momice. In some cases, for very large events, on-site support can be arranged, in combination with Momice Agency.


Software & Technology

Does Momice work in the cloud?
Yes, Momice software is completely functioning in the cloud. Every Momice customer receives a user account, as part of a company account, that can be used to log in, create and edit events online. 

Are you continuing the development of the software? 
Yes. We are continuously collecting feedback and developing our software and new features based on this information. 

Does Momice always work?
Our uptime over the past few years was 99,98%. Of course, unforeseen situations can occur, causing Momice or an event website not to function properly. We are always striving to solve any problem as quickly as possible — and we always succeed.

Are there any integrations possible with other tools or software? 
Generic integrations with other tools are not available. Momice does offer some custom made integrations with Marketo and Eloqua. Contact for more details, and to discuss possibilities.

Is there an API available?
Momice offers an API that can be used for marketing automation and CRM software. Each organisation is responsible for the realisation of the connection. Of course, we are willing to find the best solution for your organisation.

Does Momice offer an event app?
Yes, Momice provides a Check-in app, that helps you keep track of attendees and no-show, by scanning the QR-code on the e-tickets of your attendees — at the entrance or in sub-sessions. 

Moreover, a short cut to the event website can be easily added to the home screen on the smartphone of each website visitor. This mobile website functions as a mobile app, offering the same functionalities. Your guests can find the event program, guest list and parking or location information.

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About Momice

When and why was Momice founded?
Momice was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Momice was ‘born from’ a leading event agency: International Orange. We found that available event software was not satisfactory and decided to develop our own. 

Company facts

  • Momice was founded in 2012 and launched in September 2013
  • More than 23.000 events have been organised with Momice software 
  • Over 500 companies have used Momice as a client
  • The NPS has been +35 or higher for the past years
  • 75% of all event industry organisations in the Netherlands uses Momice software for several years. 

Is Momice reliable?

This is for our clients to determine. You can view client reviews on

If this is not sufficient, we are happy to connect you to ANY Momice client, so you can ask them for their experience.


Momice Demo

Personal demo
Would you like to get more details about how the  software works? Request a personal demo, so Pepijn and Neal can answer all your questions. 

Demo video (Dutch)
Would you like to see how Momice works? In this short demo video we will show you the basic functionalities. The video is in Dutch.

More questions? 
Send us an e-mail or fill out the contact form. We will get in touch asap. 


Do you want to start working with Momice? Send an email including your requests to Pepijn, so he can contact you, or make a custom quotation for your organisation.