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Aaron Mirck2/26/19 11:18 AM4 min read

'Smart software contributes to the quality of events'

At USG People, Krista van den Brink is responsible for traffic and production. This means that, among other things, she deals with print support, purchasing gifts and goods and the organisation of events. One of those events is the appealing USG People Get Together Event, the kick-off event of USG People in AFAS Live that attracts around 2000 colleagues. In this interview she tells us how Momice software helps her with this event.

The start of the new year

USG People Get Together Event revolved around the start of the new year. We wanted to celebrate the beginning of the year in a substantive and festive way, involving all USG colleagues”, says Van den Brink. “Of the 2300 colleagues who registered, 2000 actually attended. This was the first time that all employees from all different labels came together.”

This video gives an impression of the USG People Get Together Event. The text continues below. 




USG People pampers their employees

USG People consists of multiple HR brands, like Unique and Start People. Earlier, a change of direction took place at the head office, as a new CEO and other board members were appointed. Van den Brink: “The approach of the event was to make sure everyone would feel connected in this change of course. Goal was to send everyone home with the same message and keep them focused to on that message throughout 2019. There was a motivating vibe at the event: we emphasised the pride of working for USG People.”

In the perception of USG People, colleagues are central - people are the most important capital. “The fact that people thought it was a great event, makes us proud. Employees of the labels Start People and Unique are somewhat used to it, but for others, such a big kick-off is less common. Our objective was to create an incredible event, with substantive content. The approach for both the preliminary and main programme was to provide variation, in-dept topics combined with elements fun. At the party, the incredible line-up made all the difference. Because of this, the effect of this event was still noticeable among our colleagues weeks after the event.

User-friendly software, service-minded organisation

“What I like about Momice is that we can use it for different events. As a user, you can really feel the software grow on you. I like that you can get real-time insights in website visitors, carry out manual searches and keep close track of registrations. At the beginning, it takes some time to delve into the software, but using Momice saves you a lot of time in the long run. It looks professional and gives you enough creative space to make invitations and event websites in your own style. All the event websites you easily set up yourself - and all the registrations you used to enter manually. That is time saved, using Momice.”


We were in need of a feature that not existed yet, Momice decided to develop it.
That's quite special.

According to Van den Brink, Momice is a service-minded organisation. “They always engage in the thought process when questions and/or challenges arise. This is very pleasant. If something turns out to be impossible in the software, the team is willing to look for a way to work around it. For example, we were in need of a feature that not existed yet, but was also valuable for other Momice clients. Momice decided to develop this new functionality. I think that’s quite special.”

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Smart evaluations

Momice makes it easy to send surveys after the. The reports, including important event data (such as the number of visitors and attendance rate), can be designed in your corporate style. “As a result, we have better, good looking evaluations”, says Van den Brink. “This contributes to the quality of the evaluations and makes it easier to organise even better events. We aim to keep the Momice surveys as short as possible, without losing sight of the essence of the feedback. The more compact a survey is, the better.”

That seems to be paying off. “This year, we asked our attendees to value our event. The USG People Get Together Event was valued an 8.4 among the attendees. We will now repeat this survey annually, so that we can see how the event develops. My advice to event professionals that want to evaluate their event: ask attendees open questions and give them room for feedback, and they will automatically come up with valuable information.”


Van den Brink indicates that Momice software helps her during the organisation of events, because it makes it easier to set up event websites and send out invitations. She describes the software as user-friendly and the organisation as service-minded. Thanks to Momice, evaluations improve, including a value of 8.4 for the USG People Get Together Event

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