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Aaron Mirck10/11/19 11:16 AM4 min read

ABN AMRO: “Agency helps us taking our event to the next level”

In 2018, ABN AMRO [Dutch bank] expressed the ambition to profile itself even more strongly on the theme of (cyber) security. This resulted in a series of three events: the leading ABN AMRO CISO Conference 2019. In this interview, Olaf Streutker explains how this event came about and how Momice Agency helped making this event a success. “It’s great you can draw on the experience of the Agency. That way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

Streutker has taken on the role of ultimate responsible for the event. “The sponsors of the event are the MT-member Technology & Engineering and the bank’s CISO [Corporate Information Security Offices]. As the person with the final responsibility, I have been involved in the process from the start, along with a number of other core group members. We do this in addition to our normal activities, so we like to see partners joining to make the work a bit easier. Only this way you can organise a professional event next to your full-time job.”

Security as social responsibility

Streutker: “In our new Enterprise Security Strategy, we as a bank expressed the ambition not to make security a responsibility of the security department alone. The aim of this initiative, Green Light for Security, was to ensure that everyone is aware of his or her role in contributing to the bank’s security. As a bank, we are primarily responsible for society’s trust in digital banking. That’s why it’s our job to seek cooperation with external parties in this regard. We want to show the outside world that keeping a critical infrastructure in the Netherlands is a responsibility for all of us. An event seemed like a suitable way to communicate this theme.”

The bank’s ambitions were ultimately translated into both internal and external communication strategies. The result: a conference consisting of three events, in which both internal as external parties are consciously getting involved in security. “The events are not commercial, but much more focused on stimulating the public-private partnerships. Tickets were not for sale, the invitations were personal.”

“During brainstorm sessions, we came to the conclusion that we weren’t organizing a three-day event, but rather three events, each with their own target audience.” On the first day, the focus was on the top of cyber security professionals in the Netherlands. Day two was about the internal ABN AMRO employees and the third day focused on students and SMEs. For them, the event primarily served as a business card. “Students can discover during the event how fun it is to work at ABN.”

Agency helps with event communication

To ensure that the event runs successfully, the bank works together with partners. There was a relationship with Momice already, but the collaboration with Momice Agency has strengthened it. “The Agency helped us to create the series of three events – all with the same look and feel – and with the presentations of the event for the different target audiences. The event communication of the Agency provides guidance and structures the programme we prepared. The Momice software is leading in this and offers a solution when it comes to, for example, communicating a main programme and so-called side-tracks (other parts of the conference). We learn how to make such a programme page look attractive and how we can update details of such an event in the software ourselves.”

Thanks to the Momice software, event registration during the events can be scaled up quickly. “Fortunately, the Agency also helped during the conference itself, so that the Check-in app was supported. In addition, a smart report can be made. In the overview it is clear who was present during the events. That is very valuable information.” Streutker also mentions the quick feedback, NPS score and points for improvement as an advantage. “The event was a great success, so we saw good scores! Almost everyone said they would visit the event again next year, if he or she is invited again.”

No reinventing of the wheel

Momice Agency takes care of the event communication for her clients. “That is a huge advantage. We learn how other organisations dealt with certain challenges, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. In addition, you quickly see what’s possible and useful. When it comes to the presentation of an event, it’s not only about the content. It’s also about the way you present it to the target audiences. The software helps with that, but the event website and mailing designs created by the Agency, are just as important to take the event next level.”

Streutker would recommend Momice Agency to others. “Absolutely. The Agency is involved in multiple events of the bank. Whenever you organise a big event, you can’t do without the help of the Agency.”

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The series of events during the CISO Conference 2019 are a proven way to communicate ABN AMRO’s focus on (cyber) security. The three events take place on three different days and each serve a different target audience. Momice Agency was called in to take care of the event communication and registration. Thanks to their expertise, the event was better. For Streutker, Momice Agency is essential for next-level events.