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Marlou Kramer3/22/17 12:00 AM1 min read

3 Event tips from Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitching)

Nathalie Mangelaars is the founder of "The Pitch Queen" and organises the Nationals pitching for entrepreneurs with her team. On March 27, the 2nd issue takes place - and for the 1st time Momice event software is used by the organisation. 

Meanwhile, Nathalie became a proficient event organiser and therefore would like to share her 3 event tips for a better event organisation.

Tip 1: Make a clear invitation

It is important to address your guests in a clear way. The more clear-cut the information, the higher the possibility your guest will sign up for the event. Make sure you process any new information immediately, so you're always up-to-date.

Because Momice keeps clear track of registration and mail performance, you know exactly where you stand as an event organiser. You avoid missing important information of your invitees, which gives you a relaxed feeling.

Tip 2: Automate the registration process

To avoid getting stressed right before the event, it is wise to automate your registration process. This saves you a great deal of work and gives a better overview! Automatic registration means no more hassle with Excel lists and manual check-in.

In our case, working with Momice software saved us a lot of time on this issue. Because of that, we were able to spend our time and effort on tasks that truly contribute to the experience and content of the event, such as fine tuning the presentation and managing the catering.

Tip 3: Look after your statistics

By keeping a close eye on your statistics, you know exactly how many guests have received the invitation, who opened it - and who clicked on it. From this, you can conclude whether your communication to your invitees was effective. This will help you to improve where necessary and still achieve the desired result.

With the right software, we were able to analyse our event results - and even export a PDF report in our corporate style, giving us valuable insights for the next edition NK pitching!

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