How to select your event registration software?

Registration is an important element when organising events. There are many suppliers that automate (parts of) the registration process. However, you as an organiser want to remain in control, while keeping the overview & insight. How to select the best partner for your organisation?

  • Control: Manage your event and content yourself.
  • Insight: Know exactly who’s coming - and who is not.
  • Overview: 1 Registration system instead of different programs.

What type of partner do you need?

Each registration partner has their own specialty - they can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Event registration partners
  • Event ticketing systems
  • On-site registration partners
  • Event Management Software

For each category, we made a list of selection points that can help you make your choice.

Event registration partners

An (external) registration partner takes over the complete registration process: the invitation, registration page, registrations & cancellations and (in some cases) the on-site registration of your visitors. Registration partners use their own software - you as an event organiser do not have access to this.

  • (+) The registration process takes up significantly less time.
  • (+) The registration process is in the hands of experienced professionals.

  • (-) The costs per event are high, making this option less suitable for smaller events.
  • (-) You as an organiser do not have direct insight into the registration status of your invitees.
  • (-) You are dependent on the planning of your supplier, leaving you with less control over the event.
  • (-) Because registration software is not linked to your company’s CRM, you must import and export your data manually. This makes the process more time-consuming and prone to errors.

Suppliers: Event Assist, Halito, Momice, Aanmelder, Invitado, Eventler

Event ticketing systems

A ticketing partner offers the service of selling tickets to the event on your behalf.

  • (+) It is an easy and cheap solution for paid events with a straightforward registration process.
  • (+) The (external) ticket page can be easily embedded on your own event website.

  • (-) Ticketing software is not white label (so not always compatible with the corporate style of your event).
  • (-) Ticketing software offers limited possibilities for sending emails - making it harder to integrate it in the invitation process.

Suppliers: YourTicketProvider, Paydro, Eventbrite

On-site registration partners

On-site registration partners focus on checking in visitors on the day of the event. Using scanners and printers, they check in large numbers of visitors - and provide them with name badges in case needed.

  • (+) It is possible to check in large numbers of visitors in a short time.

  • (-) You have to pay for both equipment and the crew. This makes this option (too) expensive for smaller events.
  • (-) The software is not linked to your database (and registration overview) so you don’t have real time insight into who is present at the event. In most cases - a manual export can be made.

Suppliers: Summit, N200, Eventpartners

Event Management Software (EMS)

Event registration software is important. However, for a flawless registration, you need more than software alone. The probability that your invitee registers for an event, depends on the quality of your overall event communication.

Event Management Software connects all aspects of event communication (Registration, Mailings, Event Website, Survey and Statistics). EMS software helps you to work more efficiently - and prevents you from using multiple systems at one time. In other words - choosing wisely means 1+1=3!

EMS software is often offered in the form of an online license - also referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service). As an event organiser, you can manage the whole event communication process yourself - without having to buy and install the software.

  • (+) 1 System for all your event communication (Registration, Email, Event Website, Survey).
  • (+) 1 Database for all your contacts.
  • (+) Direct insight into event statistics and results.
  • (+) Opportunity to manage everything yourself.
  • (-) In case of complex registration processes, you are dependent on the flexibility and user-friendliness of the software.
  • (-) Because SaaS suppliers mostly offer standardised software, it can be difficult to find a good SaaS solution to very complex registration processes. Check with your supplier how they approach complex events.

Suppliers: Momice, Cvent, E-touches, Azavista

Conclusion: Look into your suppliers

Suppliers of registration software can be divided into 4 categories. Before you select your supplier, first determine your requirements. Do you want to hand over the complete registration process - or stay involved and keep control and overview?

Also, do you prefer to work with just one partner - or involve multiple players in the process? Investigate what suppliers have to offer, and find out what type of partner best suits your organisation.

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