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Marlou Kramer8/16/17 10:46 AM3 min read

How to change your event website into a web app

Many event managers want to offer an event app to their attendees. But beware: they are expensive! You need technical knowledge to build them - and installing them requires extra effort from your visitors. In case you don’t have extraordinary features on your wish list, your best option is to use your event website - and use it as an app.

Building an event website is cheaper than creating a custom event application. Moreover, websites are more user-friendly than apps. With Momice, turning your event website into an event app is surprisingly easy!

The difference between a ‘
web app’ and a ‘native app’

A native app
 is a piece of custom software, that needs to be installed on your smartphone or tablet. It can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

  • Web apps are (mobile) websites in your browser. You can create a shortcut for every web page - and add it to the home screen of your (mobile) device. This shortcut displays an app icon that allows you to directly open a specific website or page. It has the look and feel of a ‘normal’ (native) app, but doesn't have to be installed separately.

  • Native apps can handle more complex features because they are custom made for a specific purpose. This can be beneficial in some cases, but not all! Think twice before you decide to build your own.


All such features may seem attractive, but keep your visitors in mind. Will they actually download the app? And why? Remember: a good user experience is more important than fancy features.  

How to make an event (web) app with Momice

When you’re using Momice event software, it is really easy to create your own event web app.Your visitors can install the shortcut with 1 click - allowing them to directly open the application on their device. The following 5 steps will get you there:

  • Step 1. Upload your own app icon for each event in the Website Module, Step 2 (website icon menu in the left icon bar). The perfect size for your image is 128 x 128 pixels. Other sizes can also work, as long as they are perfect squares.

  • Step 2. Activate the pop-up (in the same screen).

  • Step 3. Activate the event page in the Website Module (Step 3). Here, your visitor can find an explanation on how to add the shortcut to the home screen of both Android and Apple devices (iOS).

  • Step 4. Inform your visitors about the use of the event app. Send them a link to the website and motivate them to visit the website on their smartphone or tablet at least once - before they come to the event. The pop-up for activating the shortcut will automatically appear.

  • Step 5. During the event, use the QR-codes to easily guide your visitors to the event website. Display the QR-codes that lead to the website on the check-in desk and on screens throughout the venue. Momice automatically generates a unique QR-code for each event, you can find it in the Website Module, Step 4.

Add your event website icon to the start screen of your phone

What’s in it for you - and for your visitor

Using a web app has some major benefits for your visitor:

  • User-friendly. No extra effort is required from your visitor: he/she does not need to install another app to their phone - and freeing up space is not necessary.
  • Accessible. The shortcut on the home screen of the visitor takes away all barriers.
  • Up-to-date. All new program information is instantly visible - no updates required!
  • Clear and familiar. Your unique app icon will make it easy for your visitor to recognise your event at their phone.
  • Responsive. Suitable for all smartphones, tablets and computer screens. Each visitor can choose the device of their preference.


For you as an organiser, using a web-app is easy and cheap. You won’t have to incur any extra development costs - and there’s no need to dive into the specifics of the various operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.). 


It is important to know the difference between native apps and web apps. Look into the benefits of these two options - and discover what’s most important for your visitor. With Momice you can create an event app experience for your visitor, without extra costs. This will help you maximize your event results!`

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