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Marlou Kramer6/27/17 12:00 AM2 min read

You organise more events than you think!

How many events do you organise on a yearly basis? According to a research by High Profile Locations*, Dutch companies organise 27 per year on average! Chances are that the number of events in your organisation is higher than you expect - events do not per definition involve hundreds of guests.

Events: from brainstorm to seminar

What is the definition of an ‘event’? All gatherings involving a location, program and more than 1 attendee/guest can be considered an event. Conferences, partner meetings, business trips, seminars, (first aid) trainings, team events, masterclasses, workshops, road shows, board meetings, brainstorms and product launches are all business to business (B2B) events. All events involve communication with the invitees. You as an organiser want professional communication - and a smooth user experience for your attendees. The use of professional event software can help you achieve this.

No time to waste, just copy and paste

Developing all event communication can be quite time consuming. When you often organise recurring events (eg. yearly conferences or trainings that are offered in different regions), you can use Momice to duplicate an existing event. All content and registration settings will be copied, so you only have to add the new information. This helps you to be more time efficient and remain consistent in your communication.

Join forces for events

How many events does your company organise yearly? Now that you know that sales meetings, board meetings and (internal) trainings are also considered events, this number might be a lot higher than you guessed. Your colleagues in marketing, sales, HR, recruitment and PA, are all organising events. Don’t make them start at square one - bundle the strength and knowledge of all departments. Everybody wants to organise their events in a smooth way - even if it’s only twice a year.


The word event includes more than you would initially think - it does not always involve large numbers of participants. Good event software can also help you organising events which are smaller, like: internal meetings, brainstorms and trainings. Using Momice for all your events can help you create a consistent, professional look and feel for all occasions - while saving yourself and your colleagues a lot of time!

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