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Fleur Oude Voshaar9/10/20 10:45 AM2 min read

Events anno corona: tools for online events

We wrote a lot about how real life encounters are important in this digital era. But nobody expected our life would change so drastically, making it impossible to meet people in real life. Covid-19 and all corresponding safety measures increased the need for digital ways solutions, also for events. In this blog, we share some tools you can use to interact with your clients, colleagues, or target audiences.

From live communication to live stream

Lights, camera, action! Now that events cannot take place physically, live streaming is a good alternative to address your (online) audience. The only things you need are a camera, a microphone, proper lights and a live stream platform.

Vimeo Live Streaming is a great platform for your B2B events. Live streaming from this platform requires a camera and a RMTP-encoder. Vimeo Live Streaming (like Vimeo Video player) offers multiple display options and good privacy settings. Our live streaming experts We Are Live are highly recommending Vimeo.

Interaction for online events

Live interaction is important when it comes to online events. Luckily, there are multiple tools to help you involve your audience. How about a quiz, poll or mini survey?

Sendsteps is a Dutch interaction tool, with seamless PowerPoint integration – the most-used tool for presentations. Simply add questions or polls for your audience to your PowerPoint presentation. Viewers can answer or respond with their smartphones, and the results directly appear on the screen.

Kahoot an education tool from Norway, that offers sublime options for event interaction. Spice up your presentation with quiz and game elements.The playfullness helps you to get your message across – and make bigger impact with your event.


One of the main reasons to visit (or organise) an event is networking. For organisers, it is the ultimate way to get in touch with (potential) clients. For attendees, it is meeting peers or exchanging knowledge with interesting new contacts. Luckily, there are ways to create interesting online encounters too.

Divide your attendees into smaller groups, using tools like Zoom or Google Meets. Use your guest list as a basis to facilitate networking among the attendees. You can ask your invitees to indicate their network preferences in the registration form, or ask for specific information such as challenges or (personal) interests in order to match your attendees in speed dates or breakout sessions about a specific topic.


Covid-19 measurements increase the need for online event organisation. There are many ways to translate the ‘familiar’ real-life events into feasible and effective online events. If you learn to pick the right tools and software, you are able to make impact with your online events too.

We also made an easy and practical checklist you can use when organising an online event. Check it our below.

Download the checklist