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Rutger Bremer2/17/16 12:00 AM3 min read

6 Reasons why event websites rock

When you organise an event, you plan it perfectly. And then, a lot of things change: the agenda, speakers or even the venue! As an organiser you want to keep your attendees informed and make sure they show up on time and at the right place. For communicating with your attendees, you probably use many different channels like: emails, apps, event websites... But what about your attendees? Which medium works best for them?

These features are most important for your attendees regarding event information:

  • Centralised information
  • Up-to-date content
  • Available on any device
  • Easy to access, both online and offline
  • Networking: knowing who else is there


Emails: fragmented information

It is normal practice to inform your attendees per email. However, due to email overload, there is a good chance they will not even see it - or read all of it. This could mean that your attendee misses out on the latest information. Moreover, a lot of event organisers use different emails for different topics, for eg.: announcing the venue, announcing speakers and announcing changes in the schedule. When your attendee searches for the latest information, it will be almost impossible to find the emails and collect them all in one overview. The information is fragmented!

Emails invitations cause fragmented information

Apps look great, but are they?

To centralize the information, you might think that an event app is your best solution. In theory, apps are a great medium to streamline information and enable engagement with your attendees. But they have some major disadvantages that do not fit with the needs of an event attendee:

  • First of all, there are tons of reasons why your attendee does not want ANOTHER app: memory full, overload of apps, etc.

  • Secondly, the attendee has to download the app. It takes effort to do so, plus, many corporate events do not last longer than 4 hours or even one day. So there is a big chance that your attendee will not download the app for such a short time.

  • Thirdly, building apps is expensive! You need to create separate apps for Apple and Android smartphones. Oh and don’t forget Nokia smartphones. Due to its costs, there is a big chance you do not have an app for an important part of your target group.


In short the app is not always the best solution for your attendee. Nor for you as an organiser. Due to the high costs, it’s impossible to use apps for all your (smaller) events. Why not look for an easier, cost efficient and structural solution? Ever thought of creating an event website?

This is why event websites rock

We’ve established that emails are not the perfect medium, because of the fragmented information. Neither are apps: they’re complex, expensive and not easy to access for your attendee. However, there’s good news too! Event websites, browsers and devices are becoming more and more powerful. A good event website can fulfil the needs of an organiser and the attendee!

Event websites are:

  • Cost efficient to develop
  • User friendly: no installation, no updates and take less memory on your device
  • Always up-to-date
  • Available with or without internet connection
  • Easy to access by an app shortcut on home screen
  • Responsive for all smartphones, tablets and supersized computer screens


event website desktop

We believe event websites are the best (and the easiest) medium to keep your attendees informed. Use email for short and sweet notifications to stay top-of-mind - and refer to the event website for up-to-date information.

When creating your own website, you need to know a few ground rules to make it as easy as possible for your visitors. In the next blog we give you tips & tricks on designing a professional website that your attendees will love! 

About Momice

Momice provides an all-in-one communication tool, that allows event organisors to structure all (B2B) event communications efficiently and easily. For event organisors, this means: sending and managing invitations, registrations and surveys from one central point. And for the attendees - a clear website with all relevant event information.

Insight Sessions - Powered by Mo

Momice wants to service anyone working in the MICE industry, so they are able to create the perfect event communication flow. Therefore, a series of Masterclasses was created: each edition covers an important topic in event communication. 

Tip: Since March 2018 Momice has a complete new event website design. Check the new design on our product page or view the new extensive event website design manual to get tips and tricks. 


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