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Rutger Bremer12/10/20 9:57 AM4 min read

The future of Momice: software for online, real life and hybrid events

Events might have changed forever. We would love to show you how to make your events future proof with Momice.

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Trends for online events

The numbers from our software indicate that the number of events in July - October of this year, dropped less drastically than expected. However, the majority shifted to online. As I look at the trends in the online field, I notice a couple of things.

Potential. The reach of online events is infinite. You are no longer limited by the maximum capacity of your event venue — the programme and the software are the only boundaries. If you involve your audience the right way, online events feel even more personal than real life events. 

Competition. You’re facing fierce competition, as you are not only competing with other events, but all daily activities of your audience are in fact competitors. The no-show for online events is therefore often higher than for real life events, making it even more important to clearly communicate the proposition and added value of your event. Plus, the quality has to be high — both in terms of content and online experience. 

Programme. We are shifting from half day or full day events to shorter sessions of 30 to 60 minutes, spread out over more days or even weeks. The programme is divided into multiple smaller parts, for which each participant can sign up individually. 

Experience. No more endless keynotes, but shorter, in-depth sessions filled with audience interaction. Keeping your audience engaged is crucial, as they are only one click away from leaving your event. And once they’re out, they rarely come back. Luckily, there are more and more tools available for online events. 

Location. Your event location moves from a real life venue to a URL and studios take the place of large halls. These studios can be anywhere, from ‘home-made’ in a company’s office, to a professional studio with green screens for virtual events.


What’s needed?

Now that things are changing so rapidly, it is important that your event software is flexible enough to meet the needs of event professionals. For example:

Marketing & communication. To make your event stand out, you need unique, attractive mailings and a clear and professional event website.

Registration. The registration process needs to be easy for the invitee, and advanced for the organiser. Think complete automation with maximum numbers for sub-sessions and different target audiences for complexer programmes. 

Participation & experience. Participants are looking for a clear and personalised overview of the various live streams or program elements — and clear guidances between the sessions. 

Interaction. Organisers want to interact with the audience via live chat, questions and polls. And the audience wants to actively participate in the online event.

Data. After the event, you want to know exactly who attended the event, and which sessions. Only then, you are able to chart the complete customer journey and provide your contacts with relevant information and content in the future.

Coming soon: Momice Online

Momice wants to keep contributing to valuable online events. That’s why we will soon be launching: Momice Online. This fantastic new feature enables you to make all your online events attractive, interactive and insightful!

Momice Online includes: 

  • Personalised programme overview. Each participant gets access to all programme elements they signed up for.

  • Branded live stream page. The extra branding options enable you to align the complete page to your company or event style.


  • Live chat. Interacting with your participants becomes easy with a chat. Let them ask questions or interact with each other. 

  • Polls. Let your audience respond to polls or ask questions to the speaker and show the results real-time on the screen, in graphs or word clouds. 


  • Session guidance. Guide your audience from session to session, based on their registration.
  • Session feedback. Ask your audience for direct feedback after the session, for more in-depth event results. 

  • Free choice of software. Integrate your favourite streaming platform. YouTube, Microsoft Teams, Vimeo or Hopin? That’s up to you!

From webinars to live online events 

Whether you are organising a webinar, using your own laptop camera and microphone, or a professional ‘TV production’ with audience interaction? Momice Online is fit for every online event.

What’s in Momice Online (and what isn’t?)

Momice Online is an addition to the current event software, meaning that the existing features (invitation) mailings, registration, event website, ticketing, (online) check-in, live stream page and event survey will remain available for clients. 

The features live chat, polling, session guidance, direct feedback and personal program are added to the list of feautres. Event professionals are now able to use Momice for the complete customer journey of all their online events. 

Not included: live stream hosting/broadcasting
The broadcast of the live stream is still in your own hands. You can choose your favourite platform, studio, location, AV supplier and/or camera crew. You can integrate all platforms in the Momice live stream page, for seamless interaction with your event website.

Momice Online for hybrid and real life events

The possibilities of Momice Online are not limited to online events. The interaction features meet all the requirements for hybrid events. Online participants can join the event via the live stream page, and live chat and polls can be used for both online and offline audiences. Of course, Momice Online can be used for real life events too.