The figures are clear: Events are Serious Business

High Profile Locaties is held as an annual survey among clients in the event industry, 833 event managers said what they think is important when organising an event. Last December the magazine published the findings of the survey. As a partner of clients and event managers we find it’s important to share the numbers of our industry.

More business events, less private parties

What particularly struck us, is the phenomenal number of 19.000 events on average every year. This means on average every client organises 27 events a year. You organise more events than you think!

Most of these clients are in the Business to Business and Business to Employee market — corporate events are predominant in the event industry! Only 13% of the organised events are private parties. We can take the following conclusion: Events are serious business!

Types of business events

Business to Business and Business to Employees are 80% of all events, this means many in-depth sessions! The 80% business events are divided as followed:


Relationship between business and consumer

According to the survey there are more than 19.000 yearly organised events in the Netherlands and divided as followed:


Software for event professionals

Big chance, you as an event professional, are going to be busy next year. How are you going to handle this? Control, communication and streamlining production is becoming more important and the right event software seems to be more essential than ever before.  

Event professionals say Momice is #1!

In the research, there was one more question: What is your favorite online software tool you use for your event? Event managers have it figured out, they mention Momice is #1 when they talk about their favourite online software. We are incredibly proud on this result! This means we are adding value to the event industry, which is our mission.  

Top 3 Event management tools.png

We are hoping to help even more event professionals with our software in the Business to Business and Business to Employee market. Do you want to find out why we are #1? Mail, call or come over to our office and we will give you a tour!

Top 3 KPI’s

At the question what are for you the most important KPI's, we got the following answers:

Belangrijkste_KPIs_EN.pngThe importance of event software

From these numbers we can conclude next year there will be many events organised: 27 events a year, this means every two weeks one event! These are all workshop,conferences and seminars where you want to register and measure the registration and the satisfaction of the visitors. To realise this, you need software to let you work more efficiently, a professional appearance and gives you new insights.

  • When you are interested in the full research, order your edition here, High Profile Locaties will make sure you will receive a copy. (Dutch research)


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