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Fleur Oude Voshaar7/4/17 10:43 AM2 min read

Features: Use an event survey to evaluate your event!

Event evaluation is a highly underestimated part of event communication. A pity! It can be such a great source of information. By evaluating your event with an online survey, you can measure your event goals and improve future editions.

You think you already know what your visitors think of your event, right? At the end of the event they come over to tell you what a great day they had. Yet, it is tricky to base your conclusions on this feedback only. After all, visitors that did not appreciate the event, have already left! And the chance they will give you honest feedback at a later stage is very small. 

How to evaluate an event?

Events are often part of a bigger (marketing) strategy. It is important to define the event goals upfront - and measure them afterwards, in order to see whether the event contributed to the overall strategy.

Build a smart event survey with Momice

Here’s 5 ways how the Survey Module in Momice makes it easy to create an event survey in the style of your event. 

  1. Different types of questions
    Using Momice software, you can choose from different types of questions: open questions, multiple choice questions, rating (stars) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). This way, you can collect different types of information from your visitors. TIP: Determine upfront how you want to process and analyse this information.

  1. Skip Logic
    Sometimes, you want to enable your visitor to skip a part of the questionnaire - and ‘jump’ to a question later in the event survey, eg. when you’re discussing attend to a specific workshop. With the Skip Logic feature in Momice you can do this automatically. Convenient for your visitor!

  1. Measure enthusiasm
    There’s an easy way to measure the enthusiasm of your visitors: the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is measured by one specific question: “To what extent would you recommend this event to your contacts?”. When you choose the NPS option in Momice, the score will be calculated automatically.

  1. Reports & statistics
    The results of your event survey are easy to export. You can create a professional PDF for presenting the results to your colleagues of manager - or export the results to Excel in order to make in-depth analyses.

  1. The right respondents
    When you decide to check in your visitors on the day or the event, you know exactly who was attending and who wasn’t. This makes it possible to send the online survey to the attendees and to people that were absent - so you can find out why they were not there.

Conclusion: evaluating your event is a good idea

Conducting a online survey will help you measure your event results while finding out how to improve your future editions. Using Momice will make the use of all other systems obsolete: the survey module is integrated in the software.

 In case you’d like to learn more about composing and conducting good online surveys? Download our white paper on event surveys!


Download the survey white paper