Suitable for any organisation

Our software should be available to every event professional - whether they organise a few or a large number of events. That’s why we offer a custom licence - tailored to your organisation.

Momice license pricing $2.300 per year

Custom licences

Momice offers Software as a Service. This means you pay for the use of the software, without having to purchase it. That’s why we use a Membership model: every (trained) user with a licence can create and manage events from their own account.

The costs of a licence depend on the teams that use it, the features included and the number of events organised. Prices start at $2.300 per year.

If you prefer to first explore whether Momice software is a good solution for your organisation, you can also purchase it for a single event. Be advised: single events can only be purchased in combination with a Momice Agency package. 


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Why take out a membership?

A structured solution

You manage all your events, mailings, registrations and websites from the all-in-1 software. The result: time-savings, consistency and oversight.

Pay for what you use

You pay for the number of events for which you want to use Momice. If there are few, then you pay less. If there are many, you can also purchase an unlimited licence. We calculate the most beneficial option for you.

Extensive training

You receive extensive training on the usage of our software, so you can get the most out of your events. We'll make sure you can manage everything yourself.  

24/7 Support

Can't figure it out? Visit the Help Center for all your technical questions. For any other questions, our Support team is ready to assist you. 

Access to Momice masterclasses

We regularly organise events during which we teach you the tricks of the trade, so that you can organise the very best events - and you can share your experiences with other Momice users. You're always welcome!

Full-service communication

Event communication can become pretty complex. Moreover, you as an event manager want everything to look professional. However, you don’t always have the time or expertise take care of all aspects.


No stress, Momice Agency takes care of all your communication. We can help you by creating attractive designs, writing catchy content or by creating event websites.


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What does all-in-1 software mean?

Event website

  • A website in the corporate style of your company or event.
  • Choose from different pages: general, location, program, speaker, contacts, attachment & social media
  • All information always up-to-date + event (web) app for your visitors

Event emails

  • Send unlimited emails: save-the-date, invitation, confirmation, reminder, thank-you email
  • Create your own templates in the style of your event
  • Insight into opening / click through rates and bounces

Event registration

  • Workshop registration, guest registration and reserve list
  • Automatic registration confirmation with e-ticket + QR-code
  • Choice of open or personal registration

On-site registration

  • Easily check-in visitors: scan e-ticket with a QR reader
  • Real-time attendance list
  • Last minute information for guests: website is always up-to-date

Event survey

  • Different types of questions: open, closed, multiple choice, ranking
  • Measure the enthusiasm with a NPS score
  • Export the results to Excel or a PDF


Event statistics

  • Gain insights in your event results
  • Website, registration and email statistics
  • Reports in the corporate style of your event

Why isn't Momice free?

The Momice team aims to offer the most efficient solution for everyone who works in the MICE industry. To constantly pursue this goal on a daily basis, Momice requires an amount per event, membership or additional service. As a customer, you get a lot in return:

24/7 availability

The Momice team works day and night to guarantee good quality. As a result, the tool is available 24/7. You can work on it whenever you want. In addition, the team is always ready during office hours when you need extra help.

A safe tool

Business event data is sensitive information. Momice will do everything possible to keep your data safe and check the safety of Momice.

The best software

The Momice team listens to the wishes of its customers and continues to develop and invest in new updates and features. As a customer, you benefit from these updates.

A fair business model

Momice doesn't have any secondary revenue models. Your data remains yours and is not used for commercial purposes. Take note: There are very few products in the world that are truly free.

Inspiring events

Momice regularly organises events with and for its customers. During these events, cases are discussed and tips & tricks are given. As a member of Momice, you can join these events, for free.

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