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You can purchase a Momice licence from €1.995 per year. This is a basic company licence, including 3 event credits, 5 users and a number of standard features. The licence price is always custom made for your organisation, and composed of 3 elements:

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The company licence includes 3 event credits. If you organise more events, you can buy more credits. The more credits you need, the lower the price per credit.

Prices for event software users


The company licence allows 5 users to start working with the software directly. If more users are required, you can easily add them to your licence. The price per user will reduce.

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A licence includes a wide variety of standard features. Do you need more advanced features for more complex events? You can select and add the features of your choice.

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Full-service Agency

You can outsource the complete event communication to Momice Agency. A team of flexible project managers, copywriters and designers are at your service! Quite convenient if you don’t have the time or expertise to do this.


 Prices start at € 1.850,- per event (one-off) or € 1.250 per event (with licence).

Project management

We get things done! We make sure your planning is feasible - and executed in time.

Full event communication price list

Copy & Design

We create beautiful content and stunning designs for your event website and all your emails.

Event registration

We set up the complete registration and come up with solutions for complex events.

More about Momice Agency

Working with Momice includes

All-in-one Event Software

Event registration


Event website


Check in attendees

Event survey

Statistics & reports

5* Service

Professional implementation

Safe and GDPR compliance

Extensive training

Online Help Center

Personalised support

Quick responses

Knowledge updates: blogs & events

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*In order to sell tickets with Momice, an add-on is required. This add-on is not included in the basic company licence. Costs are € 950 (one time only) plus the price per ticket sold. Read more.


When can I start working with Momice?    

Simple: we do everything we can to get you started as quickly as possible. But keep in mind: we do need your help! For instance, in requesting the PO number or completing client documentation. The sooner we receive all info, the sooner you can start.

After approval of the proposition you can enroll all users for a training at our offices. We will show you how the software works - and discuss the event objectives you want to achieve with Momice. We organise training sessions every week, so you never have to wait for long.

What does the proposal process look like? 

One of our event communication consultants will contact you by phone. When he or she has a clear picture of the requirements for your organisation, they will make a custom proposal. When your company accepts, you will receive a client information document. After receiving a completed copy of this file, we can set up your account - and you can start working with the software.

Will my event credits still be valid next year?    

Yes, if your licence is renewed, you can transfer up to 2 credits to the next contract period. Please note: you can only transfer extra event credits to the following year. The 3 credits included in the basic company licence expire when the contract period ends.

What do I commit to?    

You commit to the contract period of one year. By the time your contract ends, we will contact you to see whether you are happy with Momice. If you want to terminate your licence, you should do so in writing, one month before the contract period ends. If we don’t receive your notice, your contract will be extended with one year.

Can I use Momice for a single event?    

Yes, it is possible to use Momice just once. Please note: this is only possible in combination with Momice Agency. A team of project managers, designers and communication consultants is at your service to manage your event communication and make sure you make efficient use of the software. Read more.