Momice Updates: Summer release '19

The Momice developers have been working very hard this summer to launch some new features. Read all about it in this Momice Updates blog!

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Why events are not (and cannot be) valued – and how to change this

Events are valuable. And only rarely do we pay attention to what they yield. With proper objectives, this could be changed.

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Creating a networking experience with name badges

Name badges do not guarantee networking among the attendees of your event. If you do use name badges at your event, consider using them as a linking element. I will point out some creative ways to connect your attendees and break the ice.

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Why name badges do not guarantee networking at your event

Many people perceive name badges as ‘necessary evil’. Event expert Rutger Bremer honestly wonders whether wearing name badges facilitates networking at events!

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This is why organising client events is a good idea

If your company organises no events, or just sporadically, you might wonder: why is this necessary? This time of digitalisation asks for offline, face to face events, as a counterpart for the many online marketing activities. In this blog, we give 5 reasons for using events as a marketing tool.

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How to make a solid data processing agreement?

From May 2018, signing a data processing agreement with your suppliers is mandatory. Check out the outlines of an agreement that helps you to get started!


5 Ways to prevent a data breach

A data breach happens more often than you think. In this blog, we’ll explain what a data breach is, what to do when it happens and how you could prevent it. Quite handy with the new EU privacy law GDPR! Companies will be held responsible when the data is not processed and stored carefully.


Start preparing for the new EU data privacy law (GDPR)

As from 25 May 2018, all organisations in the EU must observe new privacy laws: the GDPR will be in force. How will it affect you as an event professional? Find here the most relevant changes for your company and become GDPR compliance in time.


Events: What the SaaS?

When using the term SaaS in the event industry, you see event managers questioning. Find everything you need to know about Software as a Service here.

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How to protect personal data?

As event manager you continuously collect and process personal data. What should you keep in mind? Here’s a list of tips to help you protect personal data.


How to: Set-up smooth breakout sessions

Organising breakout and sub-sessions are an important element in organising B2B events. How to make sure it isn’t making visitor registration more complex.

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How to: Use your guest list as a networking app

The guest list app in Momice is a handy feature that can help you achieve better networking at your event. Find here 7 steps how the networking app works.

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Linda Kerkhoven: Event communication is the key to success

Linda's Location Tour is standing out: every edition is fully booked with 0% no-show! What makes it so successful? Learn everything about event communication.

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How to survive June, the busiest event month of the year

Of the annual 27 events, 15% is organised in June. Make sure that you as an event manager are well prepared with these event tips and productivity tools.

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The figures are clear: Events are Serious Business

Get in-depth information about the event industry 2016 - 2017. 833 event managers said what they think is important when organising an event. Find out here the results of the questionnaire conducted by High Profile Locaties.

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How to stay in control of your event registration

Set up a successful email campaign with an email invitation, event reminder and save-the-date. Get more attendees with a successful event registration process and by using event software.

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How to set up an online event registration flow

Although online event registration is only a part of event communication, it is one of the most discussed topics. It often ends up being time-consuming.

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5 Event tips: get the most out of your events

As an event manager, you know exactly how to organise events. But how can you upgrade your event even more? Check the following 5 event tips.

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How to analyse your event survey data

The response to your event survey can be a real treasure, however, interpreting and analysing the information is key. Prepare your survey data well before analysing. Calculate the NPS score for your event and find out which attendees are your biggest promoters or critics.

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How to create an online survey in 5 steps

Setting up a good online survey requires preparation and time. These 5 steps will help you create a solid survey by choosing event survey questions carefully.

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6 Reasons NOT to build your own event software

Searching for event software? Your IT colleagues may offer developing software themselves. Saves you a lot of money, right? Actually, that’s not the case, developing your own software can be very time-consuming. Read here 6 reasons why building your own software is not a good idea.

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How to create an engaging event website

Creating an engaging event website is often an underestimated job, it requires a unique design and powerful content. This blog explains how design and content contribute to the success of your website.

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6 Reasons why event websites rock

When you organise an event, you plan it perfectly. And then, a lot of things change! With an event website you keep your attendees well-informed.

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4 Indicators to determine the result of your event email

Sending a good event mailing results in more registrations and less no-shows for your event. Do you know how to determine the success of your event email? We'll explain on which 4 aspects to focus on for sending effective email invitations.

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How mail settings improve the click through rate (CTR)

How to improve the open and click through rate (CTR) with your mail settings? Make sure visitors of your event don't miss any email with the following 5 steps.

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In 3 steps an easy to read event email

How to create the perfect communication flow for your event. The following blog is about the importance of layout for a successful event email campaign.

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Send an excellent event email in 5 steps

Sending a save the date email is the very first touchpoint when communicating with your attendees. Set up the perfect event email invitation for a higher attendance at your events.

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Amsterdam Marketing: A time-saving tool

Amsterdam Marketing organises 3 networking events a year for their partners. They are able to manage more events every year by using a time-saving tool.

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