5 Tips for effective CTA's in your event email invitation

Find out how to use a call-to-action (CTA) in your event email invitation and thus increase the registration for your event. Find out where you place buttons, in which color and determine the right copy.

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Event check-in app: 10 tips for quick attendee registration

It is important to know who attended your events: checking in attendees gives you valuable insights. These 10 tips help you prevent long queues and result in a smooth event check-in process.

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4 Types of B2B events & their characteristics

This blog gives a concise overview of the most common types of Business to Business events (B2B). Per type: conference, congress, symposia, product launch, employee meeting, we list the most important characteristics and how to respond to them.

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5 Benefits of using event ticketing software

If ticketing software is integrated in your event management software, this can creates synergy - so you can get the most out of your events. We’ll discuss 5 benefits.


Selling out your event? This is how it's done!

Every event professional aspires a sold-out event. Nonetheless, it is not always achieved. The content of your event is important - but other factors are important too. Here’s how a sharp ticket strategy can influence your event ticket sales.

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Paid events result in higher ROI

Obtain a higher ROI on your events, by asking a (small) fee for your event tickets. Lower de no-show of your event, improve the quality of your program and attract the right audience. On the long run, your events have more effect when they are visited by the right attendees.

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Getting started with the #Eventcanvas in 3 steps

Marga Groot Zwaaftink is founder of Commgres and has been active in the event industry for over 20 years. She loves to share her knowledge with others and teaches the #EventCanvas method. Read here how event software is supporting her in this methodology.

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5 Ways to calculate your event ROI

Calculating ROI for events remains a challenge for many event profs. We will show you which indicators to use - and explain how your marketing objectives influence your events (and vice versa), this way you can justify your event investments in the future.

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The 11 most urgent questions on the GDPR & events

The new privacy legislation GDPR, which will go into effect on May 25, 2018, has a significant impact on event professionals. Find out how it will effect you.


What event planners have to say: use an event survey!

Evaluating an event is often an underestimated part of event communication. Read here how three event planners use the online survey for their events.

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How live events support your marketing strategy

Online marketing and event marketing seem to be opposites. But they happen to combine very well: live events are an important part of your marketing strategy. Learn here how to integrate this all together.

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How to use B2B tools: A handy overview!

Abbreviations are everywhere: CMS, CRM, MAP, EMS, ESP, SaaS. But what do they mean? We made a handy overview of B2B tools you can use. And which integration should be added to your wish list!

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How to select your event registration software?

Registration is an important element when organising events. There are many suppliers that automate (parts of) the event registration process. As an organiser you want to remain in control, while keeping the overview & insight. How to select the best registration software for your organisation?

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How to change your event website into a web app

Create your own event app with Momice. Here’s how to transform your event website into a web app for your visitor in 5 steps!

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Features: Create an event survey with Skip Logic!

Skip Logic makes it possible for respondents to automatically skip questions that aren’t relevant to them in event surveys. This will result in more respondents answering all questions and finishing the questionnaire. Read here what else is in it for you and your attendee.

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4 Event management tools everyone should be using

Here are the 4 most useful event management tools any event planner should be using. Find here our latest discoveries!

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How SBS manages their event ‘program’

We spoke to Annoeska Philips (communication department of SBS). She created her first Momice event website in 2015. Find out what she learned!

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You organise more events than you think!

Organising events? On average you organise 27 per year. Chances are that the number of meetings in your organisation is also a lot higher than you expect.

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5 Event management tools you can’t miss

How to improve meeting deadlines as an event manager? We love to help you by sharing these 5 event management tools to streamline your daily activities.

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3 Event tips from Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitching)

Meanwhile, Nathalie Mangelaars (NK Pitchen) became a proficient event organiser and therefore wants to share her 3 event tips for bringing your event to the next level.


How to organise small events? Tips from an event manager

How to save time and effort when organising a large conference and small events? When using the right tools event registration doesn't have to be time-consuming.

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