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Visitor registration is easy with Momice

When organising a seminar, accurate visitor registration is one of the most important aspects. You want to give a professional look to your seminar, without too much manual intervention. Momice gives you insight into the registration and cancellation of invitees and allows you to send your visitors check in e-tickets on the day of the seminar. All from one easy-to-use tool.

Intuitive visitor registration with Momice

In our Momice software we have integrated and synchronised the modules for registration, invitations and the event website. As an organiser you can easily load one or multiple lists, so that you can easily target individual groups (visitors/speaker/sponsors/VIP/ etc.). 

Our easy-to-use tool tracks who has registered, not responded or deregistered in real time: no more hassle with Excel lists! The attendee clicks the visitor registration link in the invitation, completes his information on the registration page and automatically receives a confirmation email with an e-ticket.

Visitor registration at your conference

Workshop registration

Almost every seminar has sessions or workshops on offer. Momice offers the ability to automate the workshop registration as well. You can pre-select and control the number of delegates per workshop with an automated reserve list functionality as well.

On site registration of your seminar visitors

Checking in your delegates at the seminar using cost free e-ticketing (QR- code) is a breeze. In addition to which your registration module is automatically updated so that you can see who's in and who's not! Thank you email, survey requests and attendance management made easy – ALL from our user-friendly dashboard.

On-site registration of seminar attendees

Higher attendance with professional communications

A well-maintained invitation process allows for many logins and a higher turnout at your seminar. From the Mail Module of Momice you can set up an entire mail campaign: save-the-date, invitation, confirmation, reminder and thank-you e-mail. The mail and visitors registration module are connected to each other. Momice shows the number of logins, logoff events and persons that have given no response. So you can easily send a reminder to the people that have not responded.

Mail module insights

Keep your visitors up-to-date

Event communication goes beyond just visitor registration. Your seminar has a program and speakers! Use the event website to share all relevant information with your visitors. For example, use the speaker page with photo, contact information and a biography or give your guests easy insight into the day's program. Because all seminar information is online, you can keep your delegates up to date. And as a convenient shortcut, your delegate can view all information through your own app icon, even offline!


Show the key speakers who will attend.

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Give your visitors a clear overview of the day.

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Own (web) app icon

A handy shortcut to the website on any smartphone.

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