Event app

A complete app experience for your visitor, hassle-free

Event apps are very popular. No wonder: they are user-friendly and your visitor has all information available. However, there are disadvantages too: creating a good app is expensive and takes a lot of time (development and maintenance). Your visitor has to make an effort as well: installing, freeing up memory, updating etc.

Add your event website to the start screen of your phone

Your own web-app

Momice offers a smart solution: the event web-app. A shortcut with own app icon on the home screen of any smartphone, that works exactly like an event app: easily and intuitively. What is more: it looks exactly the same. And all without any additional costs.

All information available

As is the case with a ‘normal’ app, the web app contributes to the total experience and convenience of your visitor. Immediately after registration all information about the event can be found on 1 central location: the event website. Always available, always up-to-date.

All info of your event can be found on 1 central location

Event app vs. event website

Here are all the benefits of an event website at a glance:

no extra development cost


No extra development costs

user-friendly event app


No installation, no updates, less memory required

Always show up-to-date information to your attendee


All new information is visible at once, no updates needed

Make the event information easy accessible


Simple shortcut on the home screen of your visitor

The event website is suitable for all devices


Suitable for all types of smartphones, tablets and computer screen

Create your own event website?

All features

A detailed overview of all options.

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Event Website

The website and mailings look perfect on all smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Event survey

Ask your visitors for feedback during or after the event.

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