Topsport Amsterdam: Relations and events help us expand our network

In this Momice interview, the commercial manager Frank van Rooijen explains how Topsport Amsterdam uses events and its relations to expand their network.

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ABN AMRO: “Agency helps us taking our event to the next level”

The CISO events are a proven way to communicate ABN AMRO’s focus on (cyber) security. Olaf Streutker explains how Momice Agency helped them.

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Frisse Blikken: Events are a proven way to establish behavioural change

Events are a perfect way to establish behavioural change. In this Momice interview, Tijs Berens from Frisse Blikken explains how they do this.

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'An unclear invitation is a mortal sin'

Merlin Melles is called the networking queen of the Netherlands. She founded Founders Carbon Network (fCN): a networking organisation with 500 members. fCN organises events that attract more people than are invited. She shares her experiences with event organisers.

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'Organise events with a twist'

Not once, Hans van der Beek waited in line for an event. As journalist for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, he writes about networking events, openings and other events. Van der Beek talks about his years of experience as a visitor with event managers and shares his unvarnished opinion.

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GvE Director Dirk Prijs about the future of events

Dirk Prijs is CEO of the Genootschap voor Eventmanagers (Dutch Association for Event Managers). The association represents 235 event managers and 165 companies. In this interview with Momice, he explains developments the event managers should prepare for.

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‘Higher attendance rate thanks to Momice’

Recently, the book Digital Capital by Denis Doeland got published. To promote the book, Doeland organised a book launch in the A’dam Tower. In this interview he explains how Momice was involved in the event registration and how the event registration software helped him increase the attendance rate.

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Increase the attendance rate of your event

The internet is a huge part of our daily lives. An enormous database of knowledge and information is only a few clicks away. It is precisely in this digital era that real-life meetings – such as a seminar, conference or networking event – extra important and valuable. But how do you actually increase the turnout of your event?

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Events: A year in review

The end of the year is approaching quickly. For many organisations, December the time for looking back and looking ahead, on end-of-year festivities and network events. How do you look back on your event year? Are you celebrating your successes? How do you know whether your events were successful?

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‘Momice software prevents long waiting lines for Dalai Lama event’

You don’t need agencies anymore, as you can take charge of registration and other event processes online. Momice software is easy, efficient and innovative”, Wijers says.

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Creating a networking experience with name badges

Name badges do not guarantee networking among the attendees of your event. If you do use name badges at your event, consider using them as a linking element. I will point out some creative ways to connect your attendees and break the ice.

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Why name badges do not guarantee networking at your event

Many people perceive name badges as ‘necessary evil’. Event expert Rutger Bremer honestly wonders whether wearing name badges facilitates networking at events!

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Event check-in app: 10 tips for quick attendee registration

It is important to know who attended your events: checking in attendees gives you valuable insights. These 10 tips help you prevent long queues and result in a smooth event check-in process.

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Paid events result in higher ROI

Obtain a higher ROI on your events, by asking a (small) fee for your event tickets. Lower de no-show of your event, improve the quality of your program and attract the right audience. On the long run, your events have more effect when they are visited by the right attendees.

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Selecting event software: involve the right stakeholders!

In this blog, we explain what else to take into account, before you make your final decision which event management software your organisation is planning to use for their B2B events. Don't forget to take the new privacy law GDPR into account.

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How to select your event registration software?

Registration is an important element when organising events. There are many suppliers that automate (parts of) the event registration process. As an organiser you want to remain in control, while keeping the overview & insight. How to select the best registration software for your organisation?

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How to: Set-up smooth breakout sessions

Organising breakout and sub-sessions are an important element in organising B2B events. How to make sure it isn’t making visitor registration more complex.

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How to: Use your guest list as a networking app

The guest list app in Momice is a handy feature that can help you achieve better networking at your event. Find here 7 steps how the networking app works.

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Linda Kerkhoven: Event communication is the key to success

Linda's Location Tour is standing out: every edition is fully booked with 0% no-show! What makes it so successful? Learn everything about event communication.

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How to stay in control of your event registration

Set up a successful email campaign with an email invitation, event reminder and save-the-date. Get more attendees with a successful event registration process and by using event software.

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How to set up an online event registration flow

Although online event registration is only a part of event communication, it is one of the most discussed topics. It often ends up being time-consuming.

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6 Reasons NOT to build your own event software

Searching for event software? Your IT colleagues may offer developing software themselves. Saves you a lot of money, right? Actually, that’s not the case, developing your own software can be very time-consuming. Read here 6 reasons why building your own software is not a good idea.

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How to organise small events? Tips from an event manager

How to save time and effort when organising a large conference and small events? When using the right tools event registration doesn't have to be time-consuming.

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