Matchmaking: the smartest way to successful events

Networking is an important part of events. But how do you facilitate it as an event manager? The answer: play Cupid!

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How to make your eventstrategy successful

Working together with other departments within your organisation ensures a successful event strategy. This is a chance to create a strong base together.

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The 8 steps for an overall eventstrategy

What does a proper event strategy include? And how do you make sure all stakeholders embrace it? Momice shows you the 8 steps for an overall strategy.

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The self-fulfilling prophecy of events

Events with a strategy are a powerful marketing channel. In this blog, Momice explains the importance of an overall event strategy and how to create it.

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Increase the impact of your events in these 3 steps

The impact of your event will increase when it fits the needs of your target audience. In this blog, Momice describes how this can be achieved in 3 steps.

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Event pro, you determine the success of an event

Event professionals give their all to create a great event. How do they set the success of an event?

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The top 10 frustrations of event managers (and how to avoid them)

When organising an event, there's a lot to deal with. Because of that, event professionals are Renaissance men. Yet, they often run into similar obstacles. Why is that? And what can be done about it?

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Events: A year in review

The end of the year is approaching quickly. For many organisations, December the time for looking back and looking ahead, on end-of-year festivities and network events. How do you look back on your event year? Are you celebrating your successes? How do you know whether your events were successful?

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Personalisation = the future (also for events!)

Company’s fight over the attention of potential customers. We all know that screaming louder is not the way to go. But how to reach them? What you need is relevant content, things that matter to your audience: personalisation.

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Selecting event software: involve the right stakeholders!

In this blog, we explain what else to take into account, before you make your final decision which event management software your organisation is planning to use for their B2B events. Don't forget to take the new privacy law GDPR into account.

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Features: Use an event survey to evaluate your event!

By evaluating your event with an online survey, you can measure your event goals and improve future editions. Read here how to make great event surveys!

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