Event Department: Events are an essential part of the marketing mix

For Event Department, events have become an essential part of the marketing mix. In this interview, Maxime Coesèl explains the added value of events.

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Increase the impact of your events in these 3 steps

The impact of your event will increase when it fits the needs of your target audience. In this blog, Momice describes how this can be achieved in 3 steps.

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Why events are not (and cannot be) valued – and how to change this

Events are valuable. And only rarely do we pay attention to what they yield. With proper objectives, this could be changed.

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Connecting the Dots: the 4 most important take-aways

The first edition of Connecting the Dots took place on March 21. Missed the event? Read the insights that have been shared at Connecting the Dots here!

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Connecting the Dots: real added value for event professionals

The first edition of Connecting the Dots took place on March 21 and attracted over 50 enthusiastic attendees. Momice interviewed three of the attendees.

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Make your events accessible with these 6 tips

The accessibility of events is very important. Marianne Dijkshoorn shares six tips with Momice on how to improve the accessibility of events.

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How The Next Web uses data to prevent long queues

Annick van Dijk tells Momice how The Next Web makes clever use of data to attract more visitors and to prevent queues during the event.

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Momice founder Rutger Bremer explains how to use events for co-creation (and vice versa)

Momice CEO Rutger Bremer knows like no other how to use events. Co-creation prevents disappointments and teaches organisations to respond to the market.

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'Smart software contributes to the quality of events'

Krista van den Brink tells Momice how smart software helped USG People with the kick-off of the USG People Get Together Event at AFAS live.

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GvE Director Dirk Prijs about the future of events

Dirk Prijs is CEO of the Genootschap voor Eventmanagers (Dutch Association for Event Managers). The association represents 235 event managers and 165 companies. In this interview with Momice, he explains developments the event managers should prepare for.

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This is how Van Wijnen Noord got more time for event strategy

In addition to their externel events, Dutch construction company Van Wijnen organises a number of internal events. Maaike Rodenhuis is involved as a marketing and communications professional. She explains how Momice helps her professionalise her events.

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Events: A year in review

The end of the year is approaching quickly. For many organisations, December the time for looking back and looking ahead, on end-of-year festivities and network events. How do you look back on your event year? Are you celebrating your successes? How do you know whether your events were successful?

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Personalisation = the future (also for events!)

Company’s fight over the attention of potential customers. We all know that screaming louder is not the way to go. But how to reach them? What you need is relevant content, things that matter to your audience: personalisation.

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What event planners have to say: use an event survey!

Evaluating an event is often an underestimated part of event communication. Read here how three event planners use the online survey for their events.

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Features: Create an event survey with Skip Logic!

Skip Logic makes it possible for respondents to automatically skip questions that aren’t relevant to them in event surveys. This will result in more respondents answering all questions and finishing the questionnaire. Read here what else is in it for you and your attendee.

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Features: Use an event survey to evaluate your event!

By evaluating your event with an online survey, you can measure your event goals and improve future editions. Read here how to make great event surveys!

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5 Event tips: get the most out of your events

As an event manager, you know exactly how to organise events. But how can you upgrade your event even more? Check the following 5 event tips.

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How to analyse your event survey data

The response to your event survey can be a real treasure, however, interpreting and analysing the information is key. Prepare your survey data well before analysing. Calculate the NPS score for your event and find out which attendees are your biggest promoters or critics.

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How to create an online survey in 5 steps

Setting up a good online survey requires preparation and time. These 5 steps will help you create a solid survey by choosing event survey questions carefully.

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