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Features & Prices

The Momice basic license is quite comprehensive. On this page, you'll find an overview of all additional features, including the prices (excluding VAT). Explore all the features of Momice and decide which ones you want to use!

Momice basic license: what's included?

  • 3 event credits
  • 5 users
  • Visitor registration (up to 5000 invitees)
  • Event mailings (unlimited)
  • Event website
  • Branded live stream page for online events
  • Statistics & reporting (event survey)
  • Visitor check-in with Momice Check-in (unlimited)

The price for a Momice basic license is € 2.395 per year.

You can find the costs of extra credits and advanced features below.

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Event Extras (One-time Costs)

These are extras that you only need to pay for once.

Extra event credits (per additional event)

The Momice basic license includes 3 event credits. If you organize more events, you can purchase additional credits separately. 


Tiered Pricing:

  • Tot 7 extra credits € 360,- each
  • 7 - 22 extra credits € 335,- each
  • Unlimited event credits: € 7.950,- (per year)

Check-in, badges, lanyards

Checking in attendees at your event is free with the Momice Check-in app. However, you can also:

  • Print badge labels on location (€ 1,- per label)
  • Have badges designed in the style of your event/organization (starting from € 180,- per design)
  • Rent complete on-site registration sets from Momice (starting from € 395,-)

With Momice, the possibilities are endless! That's why we've created a separate page with all the features.  View prices & options.


Event ticketing (Ticket module)

Selling tickets for your events? That's also possible with Momice. Payment (via the Adyen platform) is seamlessly integrated into the registration process.

You pay a one-time activation fee for the Ticket Module and then a 3% service fee per transaction.

Price: € 500,- (one-time) + 3% service fee (per transaction).

2_Momice_Catalogus_Features&Prices_Event ticketing

Membership Add-ons (price per year)

Membership add-ons are additional features to your Momice license. These costs are in addition to the annual license fee.

Please note: the add-ons are valid for one year, so you renew them each year (or not, if you don't need them).


Custom Domain Name (wildcard)

Momice can create an event domain for you on your account. The URL will then be something like You can then create subdomains for all your events, for example,

With this 'wildcard', the number of subdomains is infinite. If you only need one subdomain, check out the custom event URL (one-time).

Price: € 1.250,- per year (for all your events)

Custom sender address

The emails you send with Momice are normally sent from Would you prefer to display your own sender address? Momice can set that up for you.

The sender address could then be something like

Price: € 600,-per year (for all your events)

Waiting list Registration

Are you organizing a popular event with a maximum capacity? In that case, it's possible to set up a waiting list. You can set the maximum number of registrations yourself.

When this number is reached, the invitee can sign up for the waiting list. As the organizer, you determine whether the list is manually or automatically replenished when a spot becomes available.

Price: € 350,- per year

Guest Registration

Are your invitees allowed to bring someone to your events? If so, use the guest registration feature. The registrations of the guests will be displayed neatly in the registration overview.

The registration confirmation will automatically be sent to the right person: you choose whether it goes to the invitee or directly to the guest.

Price: € 350,- per year (for all your events)


Extra User

The Momice Basic License includes 5 users. Would you like to collaborate with more colleagues in the tool? Then simply add an extra user.


  • 1 - 5 extra users: € 550,- per year (per user)
  • 6 - 10 extra users: € 475,- per year (per user)
  • 11 - 25 extra users: € 4.950,- per year

Interaction module (chat, polls, questions)

Do you regularly use audience interaction at your events? With the interaction module, you can use Momice Online's chat, polls, word clouds, and viewer questions unlimitedly for all your online, hybrid, or in-person events. 

Price: One-time € 1250 per year (for all your events)


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Event upgrades (price per event)

Event upgrades are additions to a specific event. You don't have to purchase them for all events because each event is unique. 

If you use an upgrade for more than 3 events, a Membership add-on may be more cost-effective in some cases. Prices for the add-ons can be found above.

Custom event URL (one-time)

Do you want to use a special event URL for just one event? That's possible! Momice will create this URL for you (if available).

Would you rather have your own domain name for your events, with unlimited subdomains? Then you can also use your own event domain. Read more about this in Membership Add-ons.

Price: € 250,- (per event)


Audience Interaction (one-time)

Do you want to use chat, polls, word clouds, and viewer questions at your online, hybrid, or physical event? You can use Momice audience interaction for any event.

Planning to use it more often? Then you might be better off using the Interaction Module for unlimited access. Read more about it above in Membership add-ons.

Price: € 350,- (per event)

Online Lounge
(digitale ontvangstruimte)

Wil je de gasten van jouw online of hybride event een warm, digitaal welkom geven? Dan kun je de Online Lounge gebruiken als homepage op de dag van jouw event.

Hier zien jouw bezoekers direct wat er speelt: programma, sprekers, gastenlijst, tijdlijn en een chatbalk die de 'buzz' tijdens het event voelbaar maakt.

Prijs: € 950,- (per event) 



Design & styling

Momice Design Studio creates the most beautiful, unique designs for your event or organization. Read more about Design Studio here

Account template

An account template is the quickest way to achieve consistency in all event communication. The settings (colors, logos, fonts) of your Momice websites and mailings are prepared for you, so that all your colleagues can use the same foundation.

Price: € 1.250,- (one-time) 

Unique event design

Do you have a special event that deserves a unique design? Momice Design Studio can create it for you. Our designers will create a website header, mail headers, colors, and buttons in the style of your event.

Price: Starting from € 900,- (per event)

6_Momice_Catalogus_Features&Priices_Design & styling__

Would you like to use features or add-ons directly?

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