Event registration

Automatic registration without Excel lists

Event registration is very time-consuming without the right software. Momice automates the entire event registration process with one user-friendly tool - including workshop registration, attendee registration, guest list and e-tickets.

Open or closed registration

For each event you can decide whether you open the registration page for everybody - or that attendees can only register from their invitation with a personal link. Do you send hard-copy invitations? Then the invitees can register online with their email address or unique code.

Open or closed event registration?
Set up the event registration page yourself

Various types of registration fields

You can set up the registration page yourself. Momice offers various types of fields that are tailor-made for event registration. These fields can be linked to the guest list and downloaded as business cards.

Different types of questions

Beside the specific fields you can choose between different types of questions to make your event registration as smooth as possible:

Open question, closed question or workshop session


Momice automatically attaches an e-ticket to the registration confirmation. With the Momice check-in app, you can scan the QR-code to check in your attendees on the day of the event with your own smartphone. As an organiser you can immediately see who is present at the event and who is still expected.

Include an e-ticket in the event registration confirmation
Make guest list visible for the attendees of your event

Guest list

“Who else will attend?” This is an important question for your attendees. As organiser you can decide to show the guest list on the event website. In this way, everybody will have each other’s ‘business card’, making networking very easy! As organiser you can decide which registration data will be displayed.

Workshop registration

You can automate complex and less complex workshop registration with Momice. For each workshop you indicate the maximum number places. You will receive an email when the workshop is almost complete. In the overview you can see exactly how registrations are spread out over the various workshops.

Set a maximum number of attendees for your workshops
Let your attendees bring an extra guest to the event

Extra guest registration

Do you want to give your invitees the option to bring one or more extra guests (+1) ? Momice has a fully automated solution for this. You can choose to register the extra guest by name, or hand out anonymous extra tickets to your invitees. All details will be neatly updated in the registration overview.

Reserve list and maximum availability

For some events, only a limited number of seats is available. With Momice, you can set a maximum number of registrations and also activate a reserve list. When the maximum has been reached, the invitee can register for the reserve list. You as an organiser decide whether you want to complete the list manually, or prefer the software to do this automatically.

Reserve list and maximum availability for your event

Account manager module

As organiser you are not always the only person who invites contacts. In some cases you want to give account managers or other people inside or outside the organisation the possibility to invite their contacts. The account manager module allows you to make the account managers responsible for the invitation process, while you – as organiser – still remain in control of the registrations.

Let everyone invite their own contacts for the event
Do you want to automate your event registration process?

All features

A detailed overview of all options.

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Check in attendees

Easy attendee check-in by means of an e-ticket. Requires no extra equipment.

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Statistics & reports

View the results of your ticket sales, website visits, mailings, registration and surveys.

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