Check in visitors

Easy and without extra equipment

Momice offers a cost-efficient solution to check in visitors at the event: you check in visitors with an e-ticket, a QR-code and a smartphone. This way you know exactly who is present at your event. Simple and fast, without extra equipment.

Registration in advance

The visitor clicks on the registration link in the invitation and completes the details on the registration page. When finished, the visitor receives a confirmation by mail, with or without e-ticket. The registration overview is updated fully automatically.

Event registration in advance
Checking in visitors by scanning their e-ticket

Checking in visitors at the event

You can check in visitors at the event by scanning their e-ticket. You do not need extra equipment for this, only a smartphone with QR reader app (they are free!).

When the e-ticket has been scanned, Momice changes the status of the invitee to ‘present’. As organiser you can see at once who is present at the event - and who is still expected.

All attendees in 1 overview

The Momice Registration and Mail modules are connected, so that, after the event, you know exactly who attended. Now you can send a mail directly to the people that were present or absent. This is convenient if you want to send out a thank-you mail or survey.

All attendees in 1 overview
Connect your CRM and Event Software Partner

CRM connection

A connection with your CRM system automatically exchanges registration data between your CRM and the Momice software. No more hassle with Excel lists - and everything up-to-date!

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Guest registration

Automatic registration of all your visitors, workshops and guests.

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Ask your visitors for feedback during or after the event.

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