The Momice Check-in app

Easy and without extra equipment

Checking in (and out!) the attendees of your event is easy with the Momice Check-in app. Scan the QR-code on the e-ticket, with your smartphone, to know exactly who is present at your event. Simple and fast, without extra equipment.

Registration confirmation & e-ticket

The attendee clicks on the registration link in the invitation and completes the details on the registration page. When finished, the attendee receives a confirmation by mail, including an e-ticket with QR-code. The registration overview is updated automatically.

Event registration in advance
Scan your event e-ticket easily

Check in attendees

You can check in and check out the attendees of your event by scanning the QR-code on the e-ticket with the (free!) Momice Check-in app on your own smartphone.


After scanning the ticket, the status of your guest changes from ‘absent’ to ‘present’. As an organiser, you can see who is present at the event in a glance.

All attendees in 1 overview

The modules Registration and Mail are connected, so after the event, you know exactly who was present. This enables you to send a thank-you mail, including a survey directly after the event.

All attendees in 1 overview

Momice Check-in app benefits:

      • Real-time overview: attendee check-in and check-out your attendees to see exactly who is present, including a check for duplicate check-ins.

      • Full control: scanning e-tickets is only possible with the Check-in app. The app is password protected, so only your event organisation can check in attendees.

      • Quick & efficient: use as many scanners as you want. Prevent long waiting lines by facilitating simultaneous attendee check-in.

      • Completely safe: no databases are stored on the smartphones - all information stays in the cloud, ensuring the privacy of your visitors.

      • Free of charge: the Momice Check-in app was developed for Momice users specifically. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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