Badges & check-in: Frequently Asked Questions

What can I rent?

You can rent complete sets for on-site registration. A set consists of a smartphone or tablet, a printer and a label roll. You can rent suitcases with 2 or 3 sets. It is also possible to rent the scanning devices (tablets/smartphones), without the printer.

Can I get on-site support? 

Of course, Momice can help you install and use the devices on-site, always in combination with the rental of one or more sets.

Can I do it myself?

You can use Momice Check-in to directly check-in your attendees. You can watch the tutorial videos and read the manual for a swift start. We advise you to test the software and hardware thoroughly before the event.

Can I use Momice Check-in just for attendee registration, without badges?

Yes. You can check-in your attendees on the event, using the Momice Check-in app. You can activate the contactless mode if you don’t have a hostess. You can download the Momice Check-in app for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What if I only need badges/labels?

In order to print badge labels for your attendees, you have to scan the ticket first, ie. check them in. The label is printed automatically once you scan the QR-code, or after manual check-in.

What about privacy / GDPR?

Registration details from the Momice Check-in app are never stored on the smartphone or tablet.  Every user has to sign in to the event, by using the unique event-ID. After the event, you can close this ID, so the registration details are no longer available to app users.

Do I need a license for Momice software?

The Momice Check-in app works in combination with Momice software. You don’t have to use Momice for the complete registration, but you need Momice to create and send the e-tickets to your attendees.

Can I use my own registration software in combination with this badge solution?

Yes, you can use your own registration software and use Momice for attendee check-in and badges. Therefore, the registration details for your event need to be imported in the Momice software, in order to send your guests an e-ticket. You can use Momice for check-in and label printing on-site.

Can I use my own badges/lanyards?

Yes, you can I use my own badges / lanyards. Make sure you select the label format that matches your badge. You can also have Momice design or purchase badges and lanyards for you.

Can I use my own labels?

No, using your own labels is not possible. The labels that are used are designed for Momice software. You can buy the label rolls (1000 labels) from Momice.

What are the benefits of purchase vs. rent?

Momice Check-in is a Do-it-Yourself solution for on-site registration. Although at first, it might seem appealing, purchasing your own printer seems more cost-effective in the long run. You can also decide to buy one printer, and rent extra devices for larger events.

What does Momice Check-in cost?

The Momice Check-in app is freely available for Momice customers. For check-in without badge printing is free of charge. You can create up to five scanning positions for attendee check-in. If you want to scan in more than 5 places, you can buy extra scan positions for €50 each or €350 for unlimited positions per event.

What does badge printing cost?

In order to print labels, you need Momice print credits. One print credit can print one label, and costs €1. If you want to up your credits, contact Momice, so we can add them to your account.

Can I save my print credits for the next event?

Yes, if you have unused print credits, you can use them for a future event. The amount of print credits on your account can be used for any event. For each printed label, one credit will be debited from your account.

What can I put on the label?

You can choose between two label sizes: small and large. On the small label, you can place two lines of text, the large label offers room for two text lines and a personal QR-code. It is not possible to include a logo in the badge. We advise you to use the badge instead.

How does the Check-in app handle long names?

The Momice Check-in app adjusts the font size to the length of the name, so all names will be shown correctly on the label. Longer names will therefore be a bit smaller, but still readable.

Can I use different printers?

The Momice Check-in app can only be linked to the Zebra ZD420D and ZD421D printer. Printers of other brands cannot be used. For all specifics, see the Momice Check-in manual.

Can you use Momice Check-in on any tablet or smartphone?

Many tablets and smartphones of various brands are compatible with the Momice Check-in app. We can help you select a suitable device – in short, these are the main criteria: an up-to-date operating system, 4g and Bluetooth 5.0, a sharp camera (minimum 5 megapixels), and an excellent battery.