Personalisation = the future (also for events!)

Company’s fight over the attention of potential customers. We all know that screaming louder is not the way to go. But how to reach them? What you need is relevant content, things that matter to your audience: personalisation.

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5 Benefits of using event ticketing software

If ticketing software is integrated in your event management software, this can creates synergy - so you can get the most out of your events. We’ll discuss 5 benefits.


Selling out your event? This is how it's done!

Every event professional aspires a sold-out event. Nonetheless, it is not always achieved. The content of your event is important - but other factors are important too. Here’s how a sharp ticket strategy can influence your event ticket sales.

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Paid events result in higher ROI

Obtain a higher ROI on your events, by asking a (small) fee for your event tickets. Lower de no-show of your event, improve the quality of your program and attract the right audience. On the long run, your events have more effect when they are visited by the right attendees.

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