Ticket Module

Streamline your event tickets


Paid entry tickets for your event lead to less no-shows and higher commitment from your visitors. By selling tickets for your events, you increase the event ROI, while controlling the finances and entry streams of your events.


Verkoop betaalde toegangstickets voor jouw event

Determine the settings for all your tickets yourself


Sell tickets to your events online, from the Momice software. The selling process is seamlessly merged with the registration for your event. Determine the settings for each ticket: price, VAT rate, maximum number and entry times (time slots).


Specific entry ticket for each target audience


You can address the various target groups for your event, or grant access to specific people, by creating multiple tickets - eg. Early Bird tickets, Regular tickets or VIP tickets for sponsors/partners. Or sell separate tickets for lunches, networking dinners or exclusive workshops.


Design your own e-ticket & name badge with QR-code


You can design your own e-ticket from the software. Add a logo and choose what information you want to display on the ticket. Each e-ticket contains a unique QR-code for you to scan and check in your visitors. Each tickets can be folded into a handy name badge!


Real-time insight in ticket sales & statistics


From the software you can keep a close eye on ticket sales and turnover. Easily generate graphs and professional reports to evaluate your event results.


Choose from various payment options


To guarantee a safe payment environment, Momice works with Adyen. You as an organiser can determine which payment options you want to offer your visitors (iDeal, Sofort or credit cards like Mastercard, Visa or American Express).



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To sell tickets from the software you need a Momice licenseOn top of that you pay a one-time fee to activate the add-on paid tickets.


With a license from Momice you can make unlimited use of the modules Mail, Registration, Website, Survey, Tickets and Statistics - each with an extensive collection of features.


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*Please note: in order to sell tickets, your organisation needs to meet certain requirements. Your organisation can not financially depend on selling tickets to 1 event. Payout of ticket turnover will be executed as of 7 days after the event.