Online survey

Measure your event results with an online survey

An online survey is the ultimate way to evaluate your event. With the Momice survey module you build the survey page yourself, entirely in the style of your event. The results are visualised in a fine report and you can easily export the statistics to PDF or Excel for accurate analyses.

Select your type of question

You can compose the complete survey yourself. In doing so, you can use three types of questions:

Different types of questions

1 tool, 1 style

With the Momice Survey module you can create a survey in just a few clicks. And all in the style of your event: recognisable and user-friendly for your visitors. For you, the organiser, it is also convenient: you do not have to deal with separate systems anymore – you manage everything from 1 tool. The Survey module automatically synchronises with the Mail and Registration modules, so you always have the correct data available.

To what extent would you recommend the event to others?
Calculate the NPS score and the average score

Measure the enthusiasm of your visitors

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the most powerful indicators for the success of your event. This score shows you the visitors that are most critical, but also reveals your biggest fans. You can measure the NPS score with 1 simple question: “What is the chance that you would recommend this event to a friend or colleague?”. This question is a standard option in the tool, and automatically calculates your NPS score!

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