Event website

All information for your visitor at 1 central location

At Momice, we believe that the communication with your visitors must be centralised. And that is very easy with the Momice website module. As event manager you can quickly build a clear event website for your visitors, including the corporate identity of your event. The website can be set up and changed easily, whenever you want. So when there are changes in the speakers, programme or, for example, location, you can always implement them at once. Your visitors will always see the most recent version on the website.

An event management website for all devices

Perfect representation on all devices

With Momice you can choose different types of representation. The standard representation has been developed especially for mobile phones. When you select the full-screen representation, your design is shown perfectly on each desktop or tablet.

Own app icon

When your visitor opens the website on a smartphone or tablet, (s)he automatically sees a pop-up for making a handy shortcut. It appears on the home screen - and works exactly the same for the visitor as a ‘normal’ event app. As an organiser you can upload your own app icon. Read more about this feature.

Own event app icon
Also offline you can use the event website

Offline representation

As soon as your visitor has visited the event website on a smartphone once, the website will also function if no internet is available. Ideal for international guests or at locations where there is no (good) internet connection!

Communicate in three languages

Communicate in three languages

The event website can be built in three languages simultaneously. When the browser is opened, Momice automatically shows the language that has been set as the language of preference.

Updating real-time

As an event manager you can log in at any moment to change the information on the event website. When you save the changes, the website is updated immediately. Your visitors will always have the latest information about the programme, speakers and the location.

The event website is updated immediately
Protect personal data at the event website

Password protected

When there’s information on the website that you want to share with your guests only, you can protect the website with a password.

Types of pages

We have designed various types of pages for ease of use by you. They can easily be edited with your specific information. As organiser you decide which pages you want to show:

  • ProgramProgram
  • PlanPlan
  • SpeakersSpeakers
  • RegisterRegister
  • Twitter feedTwitter feed
  • AttachmentsAttachments
  • Guest listGuest list
  • Instagram feedInstagram feed
  • ContactContact
  • Online surveySurvey
  • SponsorsSponsors
  • VideoVideo
  • General informationGeneral information
  • LocationLocation
  • PhotoPhoto
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