Event website

All event information in 1 place


On the event website your visitor finds all information about the event. Create your own responsive website in the style of our event, without any technical knowledge.

Make sure your event website is responsive for all devices

Perfect representation for all devices

With Momice you can choose different types of representation. The standard representation has been developed especially for mobile phones. When you select the full-screen representation, your design is shown perfectly on each desktop or tablet.

Own app icon

When your visitors open the website on a smartphone or tablet, a pop-up with instructions for making a handy shortcut automatically appears. This shortcut will appear on the home screen of your visitors smartphone - and works exactly like ‘normal’ event app. You can upload your own app icon in the software.

Add the event app icon to your home screen

Real-time updating

As an organiser, you can log in to change the information on the event website at any moment. When you save the changes the website is updated at once, so your visitors will always have the latest information about programme, speakers and location.

The event website is updated immediately
Communicate in two languages on the website for your event

Communicate in two languages

The event website can be built in two languages. When opening the browser, Momice automatically shows the language of preference.

Password protected

When you have information on the website which you only want to share with registered guests, you can protect the website with a password.

Protect personal data at the event website

Various mobile designs

To create the ultimate app experience for your visitors, you are able to choose from 2 other app designs next to the standard option. Decide for yourself what best suits your event.

Page types

Especially for you as event manager we have designed various types of pages. They can be completed easily with your specific information. As organiser you decide which pages you want to show:

  • Icon homepageHomepage
  • Icon general programme eventProgramme
  • Icon event locationLocation
  • Icoon event planFloor plan
  • Icon event appEvent app
  • Icon speakers eventSpeakers
  • Icon event registrationRegistration
  • Icon Twitter feedTwitter
  • Icon attachments event websiteAttachments
  • Icon guestlist eventGuest list
  • Icon event sponsorsSponsors
  • Icon event videoVideo
  • Icon event surveySurvey
  • Icon event photosPhoto
  • Icon event contactContact
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