Event Tickets

Streamline all your entry tickets

Through the Momice Ticket Module, you can create and manage all entry tickets to your events. Use the many available options to streamline the complete registration process - before and after the event. For paid events you can sell tickets directly from the software.

Create specific event tickets, for early birds and vips

Create tickets per target group

The Ticket Module allows you to create tickets per event component; you can limit the number of available tickets and their validity. Create Early Bird-, Regular-, or free tickets for VIPS or members of partner organisations.






Design your e-ticket

You can customize the design and content of each ticket to the style of your event. Choose the header, logo and colour - and determine the information you want to display on each e-ticket. All tickets can simply be folded into a handy visitor’s badge.



customize the design of the e-ticket of your event

A seamless payment process

For paid tickets, Momice uses the Adyen payment platform. Your visitor is directed to the secure payment environment from the user-friendly registration form you created. Your guest will automatically receive a registration confirmation per email, with the e-ticket and invoice attached.

Use a secure payment provider Adyen for your event tickets

Smooth on-site registration

Checking in your customers by scanning their e-ticket provides you with insight on your event resultFor each ticket, you can determine specific check-in time slots and streamline the event’s entry streams, while keeping track of which guests have checked in or all still expected to arrive.

Curious how tickets can contribute to the success of your events?


Endless possibilities.

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Event registration

Automatic visitor, workshop and extra guest registration.

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Check-in attendees

Check-in your attendees by scanning their e-ticket with any smartphone.

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