Statistics and reports

Everything you need to know about your event

Statistics tell you the status of your event – and, in retrospect, how the event proceeded. With Momice you can view statistics for each module. You can also easily draw up fine reports, so that you can share the results of the event with your colleagues or management.

Event website statistics

You can view the total number of website visits, the use of the website on different devices, and the most visited pages at any time.

Event statistics with website analytics
Event email statistics

Event email statistics

For each sent email you can view the exact open and click percentages. Moreover, the tool shows the email addresses that have been bounced.

Registration statistics

Momice accurately updates how many persons you invited - and how many of them signed in or signed out. Afterwards, you can see exactly how many people were present.

Event registration statistics
Calculate the NPS score and other event survey statistics

Survey statistics

For each survey you see the number of respondents, the completion percentage and the average time until completion. The results are shown in an extensive report, which you can easily export to Excel or PDF.

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Guest Registration

Automatic registration of all your visitors, workshops and guests.

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The website and mailings look perfect on all smartphones, tablets and computers.

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