Create an e-ticket for your invitees of your networking event

Registration form

Scan the e-ticket of your attendees at the event

Check-in attendees

Conduct a survey after organising the networking event

Online survey

Networking events

Let new people meet and strengthen existing relationships

Every year, thousands of networking events are organised. Whether it concerns large sponsored (sports) events, PR events, launches or executive dinners - networking is necessary! By using the right software you gather more data and insights, so you can invite the right audience to the right events.

Streamline the registration process

Managing important relationships is effortless with Momice. Create multiple invitee lists and registration forms, including extra guest registration. Easily publish a guest list, so your invitees can see who else is coming.

An overview in who is attending your event

Various entry tickets

Do you have a special (network) session - within a bigger event - that is only available to partners? With Momice, you can create various entry tickets for different event audiences (VIPs, partners, sponsors). You determine the entry times, prices (if applicable) and program elements (eg. a dinner or lunch) your invitee can sign up for.






Create seperate entry tickets for VIPs and early birds
check in attendees with a QR-code on the e-ticket

Smooth attendee check-in

It is smart to check in attendees, even if your event is free of charge. You want to be able to track how many people attended. When you use Momice, your registrants receive a QR-code that can be scanned with any smartphone. Your registration overview will be automatically updated, so you can see who attended - and who didn’t. Sending out thank you emails, survey requests and announcing future events is made easy.

Personalised email invitations

Invite your contacts with a personalised email in the style of your event or organisation. The mail module automatically syncs with the registration overview, so you can efficiently send out reminders, updates and follow-up emails.

More attendees with personalised email invitations

Professional event website

Tell the invitees of your networking event everything they need to know: when and where they are expected, where they can park and who else is coming. Create your own event website that functions as an app on mobile devices - all in the style of your event!

Event data & insights

To organise valuable networking events, it is important that you know what is going on in your target group. Which topics do they find interesting? Who do they want to meet? By asking open questions in the survey (before or afterwards) you get a lot of valuable information that helps you understand your target group and connect subsequent events to it.

To what extent would your recommmend this network event to others?

Salesforce integration

Momice and Salesforce are easily integrated, so your event information is automatically imported in your CRM system. Now that you can keep track of who attended your events, you are able to target various types of event audiences even more specifically.


Show the key speakers who will attend your networking events.

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Give your attendees a clear overview of the day.

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Guest list

Enable your visitors to contact each other. Networking has never been so easy.

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