Keep track of who was attending your product launch for better follow-up

Entry tickets

Scan the QR code on the e-ticket of your attendees

On-site registration

Share event information with your attendees

Share event information

Product launch

Increase event attendance with up-to-date information!

A product launch or opening event is an important milestone for your organisation: your most important stakeholders (press, partners, (potential) customers, influencers) are invited for the presentation for your new product or organisation. You want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Nurturing emails

In the run-up to your event, you want to warm up your audience with the latest news, teasers and sneak peaks. These nurturing emails can be easily sent to all your contacts - just like the invitation. All personalised and aligned with the style of your event, organisation or brand.







Multiple target groups & tickets

Do you want to organise a press conference before the launch? Or is one of your program elements exclusive for partners or VIPs? Momice allows you to invite specific target groups to the various program elements, by creating multiple tickets - even for free events. Your invitee can automatically register for the right program element.






Are there also VIPS and partners attending your product launch?
Keep your invitees up-to-date with detailed event information

Detailed event information

Tell your invitees everything they need to know. information about the program, location, dress code or parking facilities can be placed on the event website. You can design the website in the style of your event or brand - and on mobile devices it functions like an intuitive event app. Now your visitor has all the relevant program info at hand.




Account manager module

Give important stakeholders (or account managers) the chance to invite their own contacts to the events. They can see who of their own contacts has registered, so they can easily do the follow-up. Besides, all registrations are tracked in one central registration overview.



Scan the e-tickets of your attendees with the Momice Check-in app

Attendee check-in

With the customized Momice Check-in app you can scan the QR-code on the e-ticket of your attendees. Now you can see exactly who is in - and who is still to be expected. After the event you can send a survey or thank-you mail to your attendees. The Momice Check-in app can be downloaded from the Apple App en Google Play store (soon).