Ticket Module

Streamline all your entry tickets


Paid events have less no-shows than free events. In a few weeks we will launch a complete new Ticket Module, that enables you to sell tickets for your events.


The Ticket Module will soon be available in the Momice software. From there, you can manage all your entry tickets in order to control the entry flow and event finances.

Event Ticketing

Tickets: a complete new module


From the new Ticket Module, you can soon manage all entry tickets to your events: create different tickets for various target audiences or time slots. You can also sell tickets to your events from the software. Note: the Paid tickets add-on is not freely available - ask the Momice team to activate it for you. Read more about costs and fees.


The Ticket Module will be launched on Friday March 30th


The new Ticket Module is part of the major update that will be available from Friday March 30th. All Momice accounts will automatically be transferred on Saturday April 14. In case you want to use the new add-on between March 30 and April 14, please let us know!


The registration process will change slightly


The first step of the registration process will change: this is where your visitor will select the ticket type. In case of a paid ticket, the visitor will first fill out the registration form as usual. Once completed, the visitor will be lead to the Adyen Payment Platform website, in order to purchase the ticket. When the transaction is successful, a confirmation mail, including an invoice for the ticket will be automatically sent.


Determine your ticket settings


For each individual ticket (free or paid) you can determine the settings: maximum number of tickets, ticket name and description, entry time slots and specific registration questions.


A ticket for each target audience


You can address different target audiences with specific tickets, eg. Early Birds, Regular tickets or VIP tickets for sponsors and partners. Or sell separate tickets for a lunch, a network dinner or an exclusive workshop.


Extra options e-ticket & name badge


The new Ticket Module enables you to design your e-ticket. Add a logo and choose the elements you want to show on your e-ticket (eg. name, function, location and timings). The new e-ticket is designed in such a way that it can easily be folded into a name badge! All e-tickets have a QR code that can be scanned with your smartphone, to check in your visitors.


Price settings for paid tickets


For all paid tickets, you can easily determine the entry price and VAT rate - and decide whether you want to include it in the ticket price or pass on the service fee to your guests (on top of the ticket price).


The costs of Paid tickets add-on


The costs for activating the Paid tickets add-on are €950 (one time only). Momice charges a fee of 3% on each ticket sold. You can choose to include this fee in the ticket price, or pass it on to your guests (on top of the ticket price). In addition to the 3% fee, you pay transaction costs for each individual transaction. These costs differ per payment method and are deducted from the total turnover.


Various payment methods


You can choose various payment options for your tickets. Choose from local payment options like iDeal and Sofort, or international credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Adyen Payment Platform is our technical partner, so we can guarantee a safe payment environment to our clients and their visitors.


Financial management


You can manage your finances from within the Ticket Module: view the invoice that is sent to your guest, generate detailed reports, and gain real-time insight in the total turnover. Momice can cash out this turnover 7 days after the event. Note: turnover can only be transferred to European Bank Accounts.


We are here to help!


We are currently updating the Help Center, in order to give you extensive information regarding all your possible questions. And of course, our support team is always at your service. If you can’t find the time to dive into the new features of the new Event Website, you can always consider handing over your complete event communication to Momice Agency.


The new Event Website

Please note: the Ticket Module is not the only thing that changes with this major update. Our Event Website had a complete makeover too!


Discover the new Event Website